How to get the most battery life out of your Android Phone

A little over a year ago, we did an article on how to squeeze some extra battery life out of your phone. Most of those tips still apply, but Android has changed a lot since mid-2011, and I’m sure everybody could use a few extra tips on how to get your phone to last a few hours longer. A few of these things are simple, and have already been in past articles, but there’s a few tricks that most people don’t think about when they’re trying to conserve battery life. We’ll start with the basics and move up into the more complex things you can do to keep your device alive. Read more

Get To Know Your Android Device With A Free Guide: Everything From The Home Screen To Rooting

Know anyone that’s new to Android and could use a schooling on how it all works works? Maybe you know someone interested in a new smartphone and could use an Android education. Well we’ve got a free guide for you that will take them through just about everything they will need to know about Android to get them started. The guide will take them from a brief history of Android to the home screen interface and what it’s all about, the Android Market, and even an explanation on game emulators and rooting (the good and the bad). The guide is called “These Are The Droids You’re Looking For: An Android Guide” and you can request it for free right here. I would say this guide is really only for a beginner or someone that has never used and Android device, but at 22 pages long it’s also very detailed. Even if you’re a pro, this might be worth grabbing to share with others that might need a hand understanding how Android works.

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Android 101.06: More Than 20 Battery Tips And Tricks Every Android User Should Know About

Some of you may remember that a long time ago I wrote an article that had 18 little tidbits that could help your phone last longer. This article will be updating it since the post is now dated. If you still wish to see it, you can find it here. In a day in age where how long something lasts seems to be the be all end all (zing), you might find yourself in a place where you need to stretch your batteries life as far as you can. Whether it be for a long car/plane ride, lack of a charger for a long time, or whatever your reason is, we’ve all had those times where we’ve monitored our battery like someone was trying to steal it.  There are tips for new users, more experienced users, and even root users. Read more

Android 101.03: Managing Your Music/Your Phone as an MP3 Player

Now that you’ve learned how to transfer files from your computer to your phone via USB this next lesson will be a cinch. You’re sick of carrying both your dedicated MP3 player around and your phone, huh? Well this lesson here will narrow down your devices in your pocket to one. You know what’s even better? You have two ways about this that you can do: Hard memory or streaming. Hit the break to read more. Read more

Android 101.01: Installing 3rd Party Apps/Non-Market Apps

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to get an Android phone? Your friend got an iPhone, your mom told you you don’t even need a smart phone, and the weird salesman in Best Buy has been trying to sell you on Windows Phone 7. Despite all of that, you stayed true and got an Android phone. Or maybe your parents just got you one as a gift. Regardless of why you got here, you’re here. Welcome to Android 101, where I will try and help you get to better know your phone. These posts should help you delve into the vast world of Android. Topic for now? Non market apps; an important thing to learn to really let your phone loose. Hit the break to learn more. Read more