New Samsung Galaxy Note II colors introduced

Samsung has started advertising two new colors for their monster smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, in the South Korean market. Samsung seems to be fond of producing different color choices for their devices as the life cycle progresses. The two newest colors for the Galaxy Note II are Amber brown and Ruby wine, the latter of which is closer to being a red than anything else.

The color change goes beyond just slapping a different color cover on the back of the device. The front face bits are also produced in the new colors and even the S Pen matches. No word though from Samsung as to when alternative colors, including these two, may be rolled out to other markets.

source: Unwired Review

Leaked image suggests red and brown color choices for Galaxy Note II are on the horizon

The Samsung Galaxy S III managed to get some love in the color department after a few months of availability, and it now seems that the company’s Galaxy Note II is destined for the same fate. A newly leaked image shows the recently released 5.5-inch behemoth in both sleek red and brown colors, solidifying rumors that the device would receive alternate color choices in the near future.¬†There’s no word on which carriers the fresh colors will be headed to, though its entirely possible that they cold see a simultaneous worldwide launch like the originals. So, I suppose the only question left to answer is Amber Brown or Ruby Wine?

Sources: Unwired View, AndroidSlash