Still waiting to buy the Fire Phone? Amazon lowered its price (again)


The Fire Phone has gone from an overpriced bombshell to a moderately priced off-contract choice during its thirteen months on the market. Amazon started selling the device in July 2014 as an exclusive for AT&T customers, a decision that was only the beginning of its phone’s problems. The price of the Fire Phone with a two-year contract was $199 and the off-contract price stood tall at $649. Those two prices are typically reserved for high-end devices. The Fire Phone, of course, is not “high-end.” So Amazon was left with no choice but to lower the Fire Phone’s off-contract price multiple times. Until today, the price of the Fire Phone was $159.

Hit the break to see how much Amazon’s flagship phone is after the most recent price cut.

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Amazon’s Echo now works with SmartThings hardware


Quite rapidly, Amazon has been expanding the products and services that work with its Echo digital assistant. SmartThings, the home automation platform purchased by Samsung last year, is now supported by the Echo. The only requirement is that the SmartThings hardware is setup and connected through the company’s apps before asking the Echo to detect devices on the same network. Controls for different appliances are then accessible by the Echo and you can use your voice to control them.

SmartThings’ new hub and sensors will be available starting next month, so now could be the perfect time to pair your Echo with a home automation platform. Your other option is to invest in Wink’s products.

Source: Amazon

Amazon selects Staples as the Echo’s exclusive third-party retailer (with a catch)


Finally, Amazon’s Echo digital assistant is being offered through a third-party retailer. Amazon selected Staples to sell the Echo exclusively. The only catch is that Staples’ thousands of stores will not be selling the device, preventing anyone interested from entering their local Staples store and walking out with the Echo. Prospective buyers will have to stay online and go to the retailer’s site in order to make a purchase.

Only non-Prime members should be taking a look at purchasing the Echo through Staples. Otherwise, take advantage of Amazon’s membership services and receive free two-day shipping.

Source: Staples [Staples]