Amazon releases Android apps for Echo and Fire TV


For many of its services, Amazon keeps support limited to in-house devices. The upcoming Echo digital assistant and Fire TV Stick, though, have dedicated apps available in the Play Store. Amazon traditionally acknowledges Android as a whole much later to push its own hardware. Both apps introduced today act as remotes for each device.

The app used as a remote for Echo does everything a user can do with his or her voice. After all, Echo is a digital assistant controlled by voice commands. The Echo app shows everything that the hardware would respond with by voice. It will display weather information, music playback, and lists. Support for the Echo app is limited to just a handful of recent flagship devices.

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Amazon app updated with Android Wear support allowing purchases from your wrist


It could not be any easier to make a purchase through Amazon. The company pushed an update to its Android application that introduced Android Wear support. Directly from an Android Wear-powered smartwatch, users can make purchases and add items to their Wish List. All of this is done with voice commands. To start, say “Start Amazon” to the device. This is for devices running Android 4.3 and above. Also supported with this update is Android 5.0 Lollipop. Finally, Amazon bundled in usual bug fixes and improvements.

What’s New:

  • Includes the Amazon app for Android Wear. Customers with Android 4.3 and above in the US with an Android Wear watch can use their voice to search, buy and save shopping ideas to their Wish List. Just say “Start Amazon” from your Wear watch.
  • Android Lollipop support,
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

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[Deal] Grab 17 apps for free from Amazon today, over $100 in savings


Amazon is notorious for giving away apps for free, but today is a little extra special. They have 17 apps available for free that normally cost over $100 in total. They have some notables too, like the Flesky Keyboard and Camera ZOOM FX. The most expensive one on the list is the Oxford Dictionary of English, which normally goes for $24.99.

I generally don’t like to download apps from the Amazon App Store since the updates aren’t as quick as Google’s Play Store. Plus it’s a pain keeping the separate app store on my device. However, this is a great opportunity to try these apps for no cost. and if you like them, you can certainly grab them from the Play Store or keep using them through Amazon. Just remember, the Amazon App Store has to remain on your device to continue using them.

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Primecast enjoys 36 hours of service before shutting down


A few days ago, an app allowing Amazon Prime Instant Video content to be mirrored to Chromecast arrived in the Play Store. Primecast is now nonexistent after thirty-six hours of service. The app was pulled from Google Play. We assume Amazon stepped forward with some legal formalities that prevented Primecast from remaining in service.

The developer, at this time, is unsure whether or not Primecast will return to the Play Store. We wouldn’t count on it. At the very least, we can hope that Amazon sees there is a demand for its content to have Chromecast support.

Source: Primecast

Digital assistant Amazon Echo announced


Amazon has released a new device that puts a unique twist on the digital assistant market. Rather than existing as a piece of software only on a smartphone or tablet, the Amazon Echo puts that technology on a piece of hardware ready to be deployed around the house. The device is always on and will respond to a wake word to provide information, answer questions, or even fill a room with music.
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Primecast app puts Amazon Prime Instant Video content on Chromecast


Are you hooked into the Amazon ecosystem? Then take a look at Primecast. Then take a look at Primecast. No, it is not an official Amazon app; however, it will do something that the company would seemingly never dare to do. Primecast mirrors content from Prime Instant Video on Chromecast.

Amazon’s video streaming service only received Android support within the last two months. Jeff Bezos & Co. are very slow to make its services available on many platforms. Why? So you crack and purchase an Amazon device. We highly doubt Chromecast support will arrive come directly from Amazon due to its direst competitor — the Fire TV Stick. Primecast is an easy go-to solution for just $2.99.

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Amazon commits to Fire Phone after acknowledging failure


The Fire Phone has performed poorly critically and commercially. An Amazon executive admitted to the handset’s pricing being off; however, it was much more than that. The company’s vice president of devices in Europe, Jorrit Van der Meulen, had no issue acknowledging the Fire Phone is a failure. The expectations were high for Amazon and the handset did not deliver on any level. Van der Meulen sat down with The Guardian to discuss the Fire Phone’s status.

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Amazon Fire TV software update ports tablet games


The selection of games on the Fire TV just got way better. A software update is available for the set-top box from Amazon that includes tablet-style games that are compatible with the Fire Game Controller. The controls are modified to work with the controller, ensuring a quality gaming experience. Now, the Fire TV can be much more useful for gaming due to less limitation. Also, the update allows a guest to mirror their device’s display to the Fire TV. The guest does not need the same Amazon account and this works with Amazon devices and Android devices running Android 4.2 and above. Amazon threw in United Kingdom support for travelers bringing along the Fire TV.

Source: Amazon