Huawei launches the GX8 in the United States for $349.99

huawei_gx8_front_and_backLast month, Huawei announced it was planning to launch a revamped model of the G8 in the United States. This was pretty significant news as it would only be the second smartphone the manufacturer has released in the region. Unfortunately, the firm failed to supply a date for the device to hit the shelves. However, the GX8 made its debut on Amazon earlier today in three gorgeous colorways — Horizontal Gold, Mystic Champagne and Space Grey — with a $349.99 price tag attached.

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A bidding war could ensue over the NFL’s TNF streaming rights


Earlier this week, the National Football League announced it reached a deal with CBS and NBC to provide both networks with five games each from its Thursday Night Football package. Another eight games will be aired exclusively on NFL Network. Overall, the NFL will get a combined $450 million for giving up ten games to outside parties. But the league isn’t done cashing in on Thursday Night Football’s success in the 2014 and 2015 season. Thursday Night Football averaged over 16 million viewers per game on CBS while NFL Network-only games enjoyed a weekly average only a few million less. So why not try to get another partner and add even more money to the lucrative sport? When Monday’s deal with CBS and NBC was made, the NFL stated it was engaged in “active discussions with prospective digital partners.”

The NFL is shopping exclusive streaming rights to the Thursday Night Football package to the largest technology firms around. Variety is reporting Google, Apple, Amazon, and Verizon are all among those seeking to make a bid and score the most valuable content in the United States.

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New cases surfacing on Amazon reveal LG G5 details


The LG G5 is set to be announced later this month in conjunction with MWC 2016 and the device is expected to bring some big changes to the design of LG’s flagship. One group that looks forward to the release of any new smartphone is accessory manufacturers. This is especially true when there are significant changes that will prevent the use of prior generation accessories as it creates an open market for new sales. Case makers are probably excited to see the new LG G5 launch approach and have already started loading up sites like Amazon with their wares. That is good for us as these listings help reveal what LG has in store for us. Read more

Amazon to launch new music-streaming service to compete with Spotify


According to a report published by The New York Post, Amazon is currently planning a music-streaming service it hopes will rival Spotify. The company is believed to have had several meetings over the course of the past few weeks to negotiate licensing terms for an audio platform that would offer a significantly larger catalogue of content than the market’s leading providers. At this point, the project is no more than a plan on a blackboard, but if the deal is sealed with record labels within the next couple of months, we could be looking at an early-2017 launch.

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