Talk Android Weekly Recap: June 20 – June 27, 2015


This week flew by with all of the excitement! We posted our reviews of some awesome battery charger’s, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2, T-Mobile began its Un-carrier Amped campaign, starting with some sweet changes to its JUMP! program. If you missed any of that, be sure to check out some of the top headlines for the week after the break.

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Amazon offering 23 apps for free through end of month, running Dream Package contest


Amazon offers a free app everyday through their own Appstore, but from time to time they offer a whole bunch of apps for free for a limited time. As people start to countdown the days until the long Independence Day weekend starts, Amazon has launched a special promotion through July 1st that makes 23 titles available for free.  Read more

Amazon opens up Alexa platform as part of big voice technology move


Earlier this week Amazon finally opened up the closed beta for their Amazon Echo voice-activated device to general consumers. However, Amazon was not anywhere close to being finished with a move into the voice-activated technology realm. Today they announced that they are opening up their software platform that powers Echo, Amazon Alexa, to developers via APIs, they are making APIs available for hardware makers to incorporate Alexa technology into new devices, and they are backing all of this with a $100 million fund to support developers. Read more

Amazon’s Echo now up for purchase, costs $179.99 and ships July 14th

amazon_echoAmazon has finally decided to open up sales of its unique Echo speaker to everyone, no more invite necessary. When the Echo originally launched a few months ago, it was essentially in a closed beta, so not everyone could get their hands on one. Amazon has apparently decided that it’s done testing the device and it’s ready for public use, so if you’re interested, you can now purchase one for $179.99. Read more

Amazon announces developer preview for Fire OS 5 for Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 tablets

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duriAmazon has announced the launch of a developer preview for their upcoming Fire OS 5 that’s set to hit their lineup of tablets later this year. Any developer with a Fire HD 6 or Fire HD 7 tablet from 2014 can get in on the preview and test out how their apps will run on the updated version of Amazon’s forked OS.

The update, which is based on Android Lollipop, is set to bring a handful of new features to Amazon’s Fire Tablet, Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick. Hopefully with this developer program, there shouldn’t be many compatibility issues once it becomes official. Read more

Amazon scores a deal with Marvel to offer comics directly to Kindle devices


A little while ago, one of the only ways to read digital copies of Marvel comics was through comiXology, but Amazon purchased it last year. Now Amazon is offering all the comics (up to 12,000 of them) without needing the comiXology app. The best part is the titles in the Kindle store or on comiXology will be available the same day they come out in brick and mortar stores. Some comics offered are Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers, and Daredevil.

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