Nexus 9 available at $50 discount from Amazon

Nexus_9_343434Amazon’s having their Thanksgiving sale scattered through the week, and it’s the Nexus 9′s turn. Amazon is slashing prices of all of the models of the tablets by $50, bringing the price of the 16 GB version to $349.99, and the 32 GB version to $429.99. Both have free shipping with Amazon Prime.

You can check out the deal via the Amazon source link below.

Source: Amazon

Amazon deals start today, big bundle promised for Thanksgiving Day


Like so many retailers, Amazon is slowly expanding the start of the holiday shopping specials, historically starting on “Black Friday,” to span the entire week of Thanksgiving. Amazon has already been selling physical goods this week as part of a week long Black Friday Deals Week promotion. Now the Amazon digital stores are getting into the action with specials starting today to correspond with Verizon’s Connection Day.
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[Deal] Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 for $79 and Kindle Fire HD 7 for $109


Two low-cost tablets from Amazon just became even cheaper. The Kindle Fire HD 6 and Kindle Fire HD 7 normally cost $99 and $139, respectively. Just in time for the holidays, the two now have price tags of $79 and $109. Giving the gift of an Amazon product is valuable due to the core services built around them. Thousands of applications, movies, and television shows are available alongside the traditional Amazon shopping hub. Of course, it has the Kindle name and at its roots are a premium reading experience.

[Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6] [Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7]

Amazon finally slashes Fire Phone price to $199 without a contract


The Fire Phone has been on the market for just over four months and commercial (or even critical) reception has been lackluster. Arguably the biggest issue with the handset is its price. Amazon is solving that issue now by lowering the price to $199. The list price prior to the discount is $449; however, the off-contract price of the Fire Phone actually started at $649. So now the Fire Phone has an off-contract price comparable to on-contract counterparts.

Will the price change affect the Fire Phone’s performance? We doubt it. Let us know in the comments if you intend of giving this handset a look for yourself or anyone else this holiday season.

Source: Amazon

Amazon kicks off Black Friday sales with cheap on-contract phones

amazon-logo-bannerAmazon is starting off their Black Friday deals with a ton of phones for a dollar or less on all three major carriers. These are obviously on-contract devices, but if you’re planning on starting up a new line of service or upgrading any lines, these are some pretty great deals. You can snag a Galaxy S 5 for just a dollar, or an LG G3 or HTC One M8 for a penny. Some of the deals vary depending on carrier and whether or not you’re going for a new account or upgrade, but the deals are worth looking through if you’re in the market.
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Amazon Game Studios’ Tales From Deep Space is here


Amazon Game Studios has a new title available now for Kindle Fire tablets from 2014 and 2013. The action-adventure game is Tales From Deep Space. Players control traveling salesman E and his robotic piece of luggage CASI. The two are attempting to escape the Big Moon space station as it has been locked down. Although the game is of the action-adventure genre, it is full of puzzles with comedy as well.

Through ComiXology, a prequel comic compliments the Tales From Deep Space game. It provides players with the reason as to how E and CASI arrived at the Big Moon space station. If you are purchasing the game, we highly recommend the comic. After all, it is complimentary to the game and it is free.

Hit the break for the gallery, trailer, and download links.

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Amazon exclusively selling the OnePlus One in India next month


In one lucky market, OnePlus is moving beyond the faulty invite or pre-order systems used elsewhere to purchase the One. The company will make Amazon the exclusive seller of the handset in India. The OnePlus One will be available through Amazon India next month with the price tag expected to be Rs 25,000 (or about $400). This is for the 64GB variant.

Is the OnePlus One a device that still has your attention? Or are you looking at another device? Let us know in the comments.


New streaming video service may be offered by Amazon


New reports indicate Amazon is preparing to rollout an ad-supported video streaming service next year that is different from the Prime Video service included with their Prime membership offering. The new service will supposedly be aimed more at competing with Hulu and Netflix in that it will be based on a monthly subscription fee for access. Analysts think Amazon will undercut the monthly prices offered by other services through the use of ads. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks this would make the new Amazon offering a “Netflix killer.”
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Amazon releases Android apps for Echo and Fire TV


For many of its services, Amazon keeps support limited to in-house devices. The upcoming Echo digital assistant and Fire TV Stick, though, have dedicated apps available in the Play Store. Amazon traditionally acknowledges Android as a whole much later to push its own hardware. Both apps introduced today act as remotes for each device.

The app used as a remote for Echo does everything a user can do with his or her voice. After all, Echo is a digital assistant controlled by voice commands. The Echo app shows everything that the hardware would respond with by voice. It will display weather information, music playback, and lists. Support for the Echo app is limited to just a handful of recent flagship devices.

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