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OnePlus releases custom Lollipop-based ROM alpha to close out 2014


OnePlus announced yesterday that they were releasing an alpha build of a custom ROM that has been in development. The ROM will eventually be customizable, but starts out with a bloat-free, stock-Android experience for users. Although OnePlus has not added any extras yet in this version, the ROM is built on AOSP Lollipop, so users can get the latest sweet goodies included in Google’s most recent version of the Android operating system. Read more

Twitter opens up alpha testing program for Android app

Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateFollowing their social network counterpart Facebook, Twitter is inviting users to take part in a new alpha testing program. Twitter opened up their beta program in August of this year, which provided users the latest, frequently changing versions of the Twitter app. The not that was sent out to beta testers said that the new program “will also give you an opportunity to provide direct feedback and collaborate with us via a forum, so you can take a more active role in testing out bugs.”

Requests will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re currently a beta tester, check the group page or your email to see if you have an invitation to take part.

Source: Twitter Google Group


Chameleon Launcher Coming To Phones, Testers Wanted

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Chameleon Launcher for tablets. Well now they’re looking for a few good testers (25 to be exact) to put the launcher through its paces on select phones. The main draw with the launcher is the context-based UI used to change the home screen. These contexts can be defined in different ways such as time of day, IP address, or location. It’s not quite like live tiles, but at the same time, your home screen won’t be static all the time.

The devices they want to test the launcher on are:

They’ve more than likely targeted the big boys for this test to make sure hardware wasn’t an issue. If you’ve got one of the devices listed above and are willing to assist by giving feedback, and not solely interested in just having the app early, then click through the source link below for more information.


source:  Chameleon Beta Forum

CM9 Alpha Officially Available For The Nook Tablet


Another obstacle has been overcome— this time the Nook Tablet is CM9’s latest victim. In what can be described as nothing short of remarkable, CM9 Alpha has been ported to the device and while a few features are currently non-functional, the ICS-powered tablet is otherwise running smooth like butter. Here’s a quick rundown of what is non-functional at this time:

  • microphone
  • hw composition
  • hw video decoding
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio

The ROM is again in alpha status, so it’s expected that some items wouldn’t be working. Moreover, the developers won’t be providing any type of support for those who are brave enough to try it out. This means you’ll have to use the forums as your resource and try to develop solutions with other amateur developers and forum members. You’ve read enough about this, so why don’t you check out CM9 Alpha 0 on the Nook Tablet in action before slapping it onto your own Nook Tablet? You’re going to be mighty impressed.


YouTube Preview Image 


source: XDA Forums
via: Phandroid




Socialscope For Android to Bring Instagram Support? Now looking For Alpha Testers

Looking to dwindle some of your social networking accounts into one easy to use app? Socialscope could eventually be your answer. Currently in Alpha form for Android, Socialscope has been a rather successful app on the Blackberry platform for a long while now, offering integration for Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts. Although the Alpha Android version has around for a bit, the latest update brings support for another app that many Android users have been waiting for. Instagram.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that has only been available on iDevices and has acquired an overwhelming number of users. It has been said that an Android version is in the works but early testers of Socialscope will supposedly be able to get their hands on it before anyone else.

To sign up for the early Alpha of Socialscope fill out the Google Doc here. Be prepared to wait awhile for a response, and if/when you do get access be sure to help the devs out and truly test the app. That means leaving feedback so they can make improvements and eventually get Socialscope out of Alpha and into Beta. I have a feeling this will be big once fully released.

[via Android Central]

CyanogenMod Team will release early alpha of CM7 for HTC Sensation and EVO 3D this weekend

We have great news for HTC Sensation and EVO 3D owners. It was just announced via Twitter that the CyanogenMod Team will have an alpha release of the CM7 ROM sometime this weekend.

Apparently there was a camera issue holding up the release, but it is now sorted out. Keyan Mobli (@kmobs) took the below 1080p video with his CM7 Sensation, and as you can see things are working fine.

YouTube Preview Image

[via twitter and xda]

Create and share amazing 360 degree panoramas with 360 [Video]

Recently TeliportMe generated 47,000 users for the alpha version of 360 and logged over 75,000 panoramas. Yesterday it officially came out of alpha with version 2.0 in the Android Market. 360 allows users to take high quality 360 degree panoramas which can be viewed on the app’s 3D viewer and can be shared via Facebook and Twitter. There is also a public real time feed where users can comment on photos. Since the location is tagged to the photos, users can discover other people close by using its “Around Me” option.


  • Create 360 degree panoramas within 1 minute.
  • Instantly upload and share interactive 360 views directly to Twitter and Facebook
  • View panoramas taken all over the world in your public stream.
  • Geotag your panoramas automatically and edit location using maps.
  • Flat images will be stored on the SD card which can be emailed and viewed without any special viewer required.
  • Saves panoramas directly to the SD card
  • View panoramas in app on a 3D viewer
  • All panoramas taken are in HD
  • Save and share unlimited panoramas and view them online at

Check out the video after the break:

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Get your tablet optimised HoneyBread V4 theme for CM7 out in Alpha

honeybread for tablets CM7

One of the greatest features, among so many of CyanogenMod 7, is the awesome themes engine. With all kinds of themes to choose from, CM7 packs it all. But what if you’re looking for a Honeycomb theme? better yet, what if you need a Honeycomb theme for your tablet device? Got that covered too.

XDA Member mad-murdock has put together a great theme based off Honeycomb and optimized for tablets. He’s taken the original Honeybread theme for CM7 on smartphones and customized the sizes of icons, widgets and the general UI to show nicely on a larger screen resolution. Also, if you’re the coding type, the source is available for anyone to work with as well.

Originally posted by mad-murdock
[CM7][Theme]HoneyBread Alpha 4 [TABLET TWEAKED]

After i developed the tablet tweaks, a lot of people started modifying framework and systemui to exchange the buttons instead of doing it with a theme. the way they were going just was bad by design. no fixes are included except those people repeat their work with every new nightly build. thats the reason we use theme engine by now. it works for all devices and all versions.

my initial complaints about modifying those files and my suggestion to use a theme were ignored – so i came to the point to do it myself.

all i did was adding honeycomb icons for the soft buttons to the already existing honeybread v4 theme

The theme is in Alpha stage, meaning some functionality may not work, but isn’t that the beauty of open source alpha releases anyway? Head on over here to grab this tablet theme.

[via xda-developers]

Cyanogen Mod 7 Alpha Available for Nexus S

cyanogen 7 tweet

Hey Nexus S owners! You’re favorite Mod for Android has just put out the alpha build of Cyanogen Mod 7! Announced over Twitter by @clockworkmod, you’ll be able to get this alpha build via ROM Manager for your Samsung Nexus S.

As usual, be cautious when installing custom ROMs, even though Cyanogen Mod is awesome, be careful and backup your data. If you experience any issues with stuff not working after the flash, let us know in the comments below!

[via Twitter]

Firefox for Android (Fennec) Alpha Released

Mozilla has released the alpha version of Fennec, available to download here. The mobile version of Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser syncs with the Awesome Bar browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, form-fill data, and open tabs from your computers Firefox. The final version of Fennec will look to standout based on two major technologies it will incorporate, “Electrolysis” and “Layers”. The former is implemented in this alpha version.

Electrolysis, which allows the browser interface to run in a separate process from the one rendering Web content. By doing this, Fennec is able to react much faster to user input while pages are loading or CPU intensive JavaScript is running.

Layers won’t find it’s way onto your Android phone until the beta release.

The upcoming beta release will start taking advantage of Layers to greatly improve performance in graphic intensive actions like scrolling, zooming, animations and video.

Google has already been hard at work bringing us features like Chrome to Phone but Mozilla has proven to be very good at this browser stuff in the past. I for one love to see the competition, which will only lead to a better product.

[via The Mozilla Blog]