Google IO 2016 Coverage

Alcatel’s GO Play is now on sale

At IFA 2015, Alcatel OneTouch announced the GO Play for consumers who want to buy a durable phone at a very affordable price; however, the company’s rebranding at MWC 2016 put it in limbo. A release date was never provided at launch and Alcatel didn’t mentioned the GO Play in Barcelona last month. But today the GO Play, out of nowhere, went on sale. And it’s price is mighty attractive for those who dislike purchasing devices through carriers.

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Alcatel really hits the high-end with the Idol 4 series


Newly-rebranded Alcatel is starting its year with a new flagship to join put its new name on. Last year, Alcatel OneTouch released the Idol 3 which surprised everyone and earned praise from critics and consumers. The Idol 3 basically came out of nowhere and proved to be an excellent phone for those wanting to get away from carrier commitments but not lose quality by only spending a few hundred dollars. It really showed the world what you could have for less than $300. Now the company is back with the Idol 4 series, two phones acting as the Idol 3’s successor for 2016. The Idol 4 and Idol 4S are thin, made with metal frames and glass backs, and have slight texture to give that premium look and feel.

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ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch surfaces on online store for $150


When ALCATEL announced their new ONETOUCH Watch at CES 2015, they indicated they had plans to make it available in the U.S. market through a new online store. Those plans have come to pass as a couple versions of the smartwatch are now listed on the web site. The small/medium band version of the ONETOUCH Watch is listed as “coming soon” for the previously announced price of $149.99. Potential buyers can go ahead and add the smartwatch to their cart to pre-order it, which ALCATEL indicates will be available on April 30th. Read more