Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google planning new tool to help small businesses survive Mobilegeddon


When Google I/O takes place this May, one of the topics that will likely be covering is the release of a new set of tools from Google intended to help small businesses cope with the challenges of “Mobilegeddon.” Google’s managing director of small-to-medium business sales, Yong Su Kim, revealed the new Test My Site with Google diagnostic tool will roll out in May, which is the same month as Google I/O, so the odds seem pretty good the event will coincide with the launch of the new tool. Read more

Twitter introduces new First View ad campaign to aid plummeting stocks


As Twitter’s stocks plummet to an all-time low, the social networking giant has today released a new advertising platform, it hopes will generate some new revenue. The scheme is called First View and provides advertisers with the facility to host their adverts at the top of a user’s timeline for 24-hours, which means every time you sign into your account, the first post you’ll see will be a promoted video.

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Instagram goes long in time for the big game with new 60-second ads


Companies that use Instagram to cross-post their video ads have a new option available in their playbook after the social media platform revealed 60-second ads will join 15- and 30-second long ads as an option. The move comes just in time for the big Super Bowl event this weekend. T-Mobile is already jumping on board with the release of an extended version of the 30-second Super Bowl ad T-Mobile will be running during the telecast. Read more

Google working hard to stem the flow of bad ads


Google’s senior vice president for Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, took to the blogosphere to talk about the efforts Google is undertaking to shield users from bad ads. Google has a keen interest in ensuring advertising on the web is legitimate and does not detract from a user’s experience since advertising drives so much of their business. Ramaswamy revealed some interesting stats and discussed some detailed information about the types of bad advertising Google is trying to combat. Read more

Google running special ad for Nexus phones this holiday season


One of the changes you may have noticed from Google over the last year is a bit more mature marketing campaign when it comes to Android and their own Google branded hardware, especially their Nexus smartphones. That has led to some advertising for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P on television that is actually placed in some shows that have a wide audience. Google takes another page from traditional marketing by releasing a special holiday themed commercial for their devices. Read more

EE enters fray over advertising on mobile devices


U.K. wireless carrier EE has announced they are going to start looking at technology that would give end users more control over the advertising that shows up on their smartphones, including going so far as blocking some in-app advertising. A move to start limiting or blocking advertising, especially if adopted by other carriers, could have a huge impact on the $3B USD mobile advertising market in the U.K.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee said in an interview on the matter, Read more

Chinese officials open investigation into Xiaomi’s use of the word “best” in ads


A new report out of China says the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has opened an investigation into whether Xiaomi illegally used the term “best” in advertising on its web site in violation of a new advertising law. The new law went into effect on September 1st and includes prohibitions on all sorts of advertising activity, including the use of superlatives like the word “best” in advertisements. Companies that are found to be in violation may face penalties starting at $31,000 USD. Read more