LG billboard earns Guinness World Record entry


LG has earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for a classic advertising medium, the billboard. Constructed just outside the King Khalid International Airport in Saudi Arabia, the new LG billboard spans the length of two football fields. More precisely, the billboard comes in at 240 meters wide and 12 meters tall producing 3,000 square meters of advertising landscape for LG. The dimensions are great enough that it has been recognized as the world’s largest billboard and according to LG it will help the company become “the face of the electronic industry” greeting guests to Saudi Arabia.

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Google advertising could appear just about everywhere

Nest privacy

A few years ago, advertising served up by Google was confined to a sidebar on the search giant’s results page. Since then, Google has gone on to develop a variety of new services and platforms, some with advertising and some without advertising. The company has conquered the smartphone market thanks to the Android operating system, but it is not content to stop there. Google has made a big push into wearable devices lately, supporting platforms like smart watches and even developing their own concepts like Google Glass. Not limiting themselves to what users keep on their bodies, or close by, Google is also branching out into areas like automobile interfaces, home appliances, and home automation systems. Google is getting close to being present just about anywhere one may look, which makes all of those surfaces a potential advertising space.
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TuneIn updates app, seeks to build social radio platform


TuneIn has released an update to their TuneIn Radio Android app that not only overhauls the look and feel, it introduces some changes to the way the service works. These changes are part of an effort by the company to become more of a standalone social network platform focused on the online radio shows and stations that users access. Users will find that old methods like “favorite” stations have now been converted to “follows” and users now have access to a personalized feed full of updates. TuneIn will also use your history and the content you are following to suggest stations, shows and categories. TuneIn has also added a feature called “TuneIn Echo” that will let groups access content together.
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Trial reveals Apple’s marketing chief riled up over Samsung ads


As the Apple v. Samsung trial starts to move along since starting earlier this week, we may be treated to some interesting bits of information about how the two companies viewed each other and how that guided their strategy. As part of his opening statements on behalf of Samsung, attorney John Quinn  indicated that,

“We will show you internal Apple documents, documents that haven’t been made public before, and showed how Apple was really concerned about competition from Android, and in particular Samsung…This new, edgy marketing strategy…it drove Apple crazy.”
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Ellen’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 selfie claims retweet title on back of Samsung ad dollars


Last night Samsung spent some serious coin on their advertising during the Oscars as we noted in a story earlier today. Although host Ellen DeGeneres appeared with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 during the show, the backstage selfies and posts were supposedly not “officially” part of the package Samsung bought with the estimated $20 Million they spent for advertising. According to a report out today, Ellen’s images and tweets with the Note 3 were “organic.”
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Amazon introduces Mobile Associates API to help developers further monetize apps


Amazon announced the availability of a new API today to help developers further monetize their apps. The Amazon Mobile Associates API is an extension of the company’s Amazon Associates web-based affiliate program, bringing the power of Amazon to Kindle Fire and Android based devices. The new API enables developers to:
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Samsung ads for Galaxy S 4 surface on YouTube


While many wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 release date to arrive, Samsung is busy working on their efforts to remind buyers that their new device is a “life companion.” To that end, today some videos were released on YouTube for the new Galaxy S 4. Three of the ads focus on specific features and functions of the device, including the Sound Shot feature, the S Translator app, and Group Play. These three videos are about a half minute in length each, so we can probably expect to see these show up on television. These three short videos were all released by Samsung Mobile’s Netherlands account, so there may be some changes in other markets or they may not even show up elsewhere. The fourth video, coming in at a minute long and not limited to the Netherlands, is an overall teaser for the new device that reminds viewers of several selling points for the device. Hit the break to check out all of the videos.
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Samsung releases another clever ad, this time aimed at us working schmucks


Samsung is on a roll with their clever, catchy, and effective advertising. A new commercial released by the Korean company shows how your new Galaxy Note 2 can be used to multitask in both work and play, this time in an office environment. The ad keeps you entertained and shows you the effectiveness of their product…the opitome of great marketing. With advertising like this, it’s no wonder they are the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. Keep it up Sammy.

YouTube Preview Image

Samsung Rumored To Create A “More Vibrant International Brand Image” As Early As 2013


Samsung might very well be known as a brand that happens to love pushing out devices to the masses, but despite all that— it certainly has some successful devices out there such as the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphones. Knowing that it has great devices and a solid sales’ figure to back it up, Sammy is potentially looking to take its brand to another level, as soon as next year. According to Channel News in Australia, anonymous sources claim that Sammy is planning a “more vibrant international brand image” of its company. As part of this upcoming change, the familiar blue Samsung logo will be changed, while each part of Samsung’s business will get its own individual color that will be used in its advertising— meaning we should expect to see a new Samsung Mobile advertising logo for example. The overall hope is that Samsung will move its brand from being identified around features and benefits to a focus instead on “lifestyle activities”.

Whatever it is that Samsung is trying to do, the technology world is eagerly awaiting and will see everything soon enough— by CES 2013 perhaps?

source: Digital Trends


Verizon releases HTC Rezound focused music video of flash mob

In commemoration of the availability of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Rezound, Verizon Wireless released a video on YouTube to celebrate the end of the long wait. The video is a cross between a music video and a flash mob. The storyline follows a buyer of a new HTC Rezound as she walks and dances her way through city streets unaware of a mob of dancers following behind her. The “flash mob” comes to an end when the main character receives a phone call. I’m not really sure this is effective advertising for Verizon. If you would like to judge for yourself, hit the break to view the video.
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