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Android development tools could be heading to Chrome OS


Quite soon, Chrome OS users could have access to Android development tools. An issue posted on the Google Code site reveals that the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and recovery/flashing tools are working with Chrome OS. The ADB tool allows for data to be sent between devices. Flashing makes it possible to do something like installing a custom ROM on a connected device. The tools would be accessible through the Chrome Shell.

We are not aware of a potential release date since nothing is official.

Source: Chromium
Via: OMG! Chrome!

Chrome ADB server released for Nexus 5

ChromeADBIf you’re interested in tinkering with your phone, you know how using ADB requires installing the SDK or using a toolkit (my personal method of action). However, thanks to Koushik Dutta, a prolific Android developer and creator of many apps, there is a public version of an ADB server for Chrome, released today. Unfortunately, it only works with the Nexus 5 at the moment, but we can expect him to add more devices in the future, most likely starting with the rest of the current Nexus devices. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Gear runs full Android apps by sideloading through ADB

Galaxy Gear apps

Do you wish your new Galaxy Gear smartwatch ran more than just the specifically designed apps that are available on it? Well, the Gear still runs Android underneath Samsung’s skinned overlay, so it was only a matter of time before someone found out how to make it work. Some clever owners have figured out that if you enable USB debugging on the smartwatch, you can load apps through ADB onto the device. Pretty much all non-Google apps work, including Candy Crush and music and video players. The Google apps don’t work because the watch lacks specific framework apps in the system folder, and there’s no way around that without root.

If you’re the tinkering type, this should definitely cause you to give the Galaxy Gear a second look. Hopefully we’ll see some really cool stuff being done with the Gear before long. If you want specific instructions for your own Galaxy Gear, you can hit the link below to check them out on Ars Technica.

source: Ars Technica

Easily Crack Android’s Pattern Unlock, No Root Required

Hey modders, devs, and hackers! You know how you keep that “USB Debugging” option checked in settings? Sure, it’s useful when you need to root a device or test an app you’re developing, but you might want to consider unchecking it when not using it.

XDA developer M.Sabra says that anyone with a little ADB knowledge can easily hack Android’s pattern unlock, essentially getting access to your entire device. Apparently it’s not that difficult to do either. Root isn’t even required.

We won’t go into detail here on how to do it, but hit the source link to find out how easily your phone can get hacked if you lose it. Don’t believe your pattern gives you total protection.

source: xda

How to Restore Hyperlink Functionality on Your HTC Phone

One of the casualties of Apple’s war on Android was a court order forcing HTC to remove any hyper-links derived from data like phone numbers or email addresses within Sense.  While we could go on all day about how ridiculous a decision this may have been, we’re here to fix problems not dwell on them.  As usual, the wizards over at XDA have found a solution. XDA user Steal25 came up with a simple build.prop edit that will turn the functionality back on, just like it was before Apple’s legal assault.  The current method works with the EVO 3D, the One X and the Evo 4G LTE, but should work with other crippled HTC phones as well. Let’s dig in. Read more

Root and Push Clockwork Recovery to Your Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

If you have been wanting to root your Lenovo ThinkPad and haven’t had time, knew where to go, or were a little bit apprehensive about doing such things then today is your lucky day as we have the process all lined up for you. Heck we’ll even give you instructions on pushing ClockWork Recovery to your device as a special bonus. We’ve compiled the process from Vulnfactory and XDA and have it broken down below.

As with all rooting, your device’s warranty will be void and all responsibility if you brick your device falls on you. However if you are more than ready to root this device hit the break below to get the files and instructions needed to root and get a custom recovery onto your ThinkPad. Just FYI this only works on Windows PCs.  Read more

Commemorate The Galaxy Nexus’ Release By Unlocking The Bootloader

Happy Galaxy Nexus Day folks! What better way to celebrate this momentous day by having full instructions on how to unlock the boatloader? The good news is that the process is relatively brief and not too challenging thanks to the fine team at Droid Life. Since the Galaxy Nexus is a pure developer device, there’s no need to bypass or hack the bootloader like you would another device. Feeling lucky, ambitious, and ready to unlock the phone’s true potential? Hit the break for full instructions for those using Windows-based computers. Read more

Flash CyanogenMod 7 to Your Kindle Fire in 43 Easy Steps

The other day we told you about the CyanogenMod team bringing CM7 to the Kindle Fire. Well as of today you can too. However, this is a lengthy process (43 steps and use of ADB) and I suggest taking extreme caution by reading through the entire guide before you take on this task. According to the post, this is still an alpha build and some stuff doesn’t work. We reported before that the wifi wasn’t working, but both that and the touchscreen are working just fine. The sound and hardware acceleration aren’t working however. According to the post:

“- First, this method will require some knowledge of ADB.
 – This version is very much an alpha build, and as such there are features that are not yet working, though most of the    important stuff is.
 – Wifi and touchscreen controls are reported to work just fine, however sound and hardware acceleration are not.
 – This has been tested with firmware versions 6.0 and 6.1, but not on 6.2.
 – In addition, there is no way (currently) to return to the stock software.
 – There are likely other issues as well, but if you’re willing to test it then proceed.”

So, those of you that are interested in trying this out, I still, advise extreme caution in flashing this, and like with rooting and flashing on other devices, it does void your warranty. If you haven’t rooted your Kindle Fire yet and want to, you can go here. There is no way to get back to the Stock software as of yet, so again, extreme caution advised, have I stressed this enough yet?

If this doesn’t deter you from trying this out, hit the break below to download the files and for the install process. Those of you that successfully flash this, we would love to hear from you. How well does it work?  Read more

ROMTools gives a command line interface on Android – oldschool


Love the speed of command lines, but hate to use them? Join the club as XDA Developer mmmark111 shows us that you don’t have to hate command lines to still use them effectively.

The app is called ROMTools, and you can get it at this thread. ROMTools will perform typical commands for you that you’d do manually through ADB (Android Debug Bridge). The most common commands have been entered in ROMTools, making the bottleneck NOT your weak typing skills. (kidding, i peck too.)

Here’s a list of the current commands available in ROMTools;

  • Flash ROM – Place a ROM in the ‘ROM’ folder renamed Hit enter and the zip will get flashed to your phone automatically
  • Flash Recovery – Will help you flash a recovery to your phone. For the Optimus V users, it will help you install all the needed drivers as well as obtain root privileges. Optimus T, S, and One phones will be able to flash a recovery.
  • Wipe dalvik-cache – Self explanatory .
  • Mount /system r/w – Allows read/write access to /system
  • Push ROM to SD card – Self explanatory (pushes to root of sd)
  • Push framework-res.apk – Pushes framework-res.apk to /framework, wipes dalvik-cache, and reboots the phone for you.
  • Push – Will remove boot animation and replace with one of your choice. (removes from /data/local as well as /system/media)
  • Reboot – Reboot
  • Reboot into Recovery – Obv.

If you grab this and have any issue with it, please make sure you report any issues here in the comments, or at the application thread here.

[via XDA-Developers]