Activision spends $5.9 billion acquiring ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and its developer, King Digital

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While many of us cringe when we hear the words Candy Crush Saga thanks to all the unsolicited invites we’ve received over the years, it seems that Activision Blizzard likes the game so much, it has decided to buy it and its developer, King Digital, spending $5.9 billion in the process. In an announcement earlier today Activision’s CEO, Bobby Kotick said that the move would make it “the most profitable standalone company in interactive entertainment.”

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Activision launches a Skylanders: Trap Team version for Android devices


Right now, one of the most successful video game franchises is Skylanders. Activision rolled the dice on a game based with action figure tie-ins and watched it blossom into a multi-billion dollar franchise. The next installment is Skylanders: Trap Team and an Android version has been developed to serve a massive mobile audience.

It takes what gamers would see on a television screen and makes it portable with Android tablets. The bundle, which includes action figures and a controller, costs $74.99 — the same price as the console version.

Hit the break for the list of compatible devices, the gallery, and download links.

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Pitfall! Now Available On the Play Store

There’s just something about playing classic titles on our small devices these days, although some titles are best left in our memories. The latest game to grace our mobile devices is Pitfall! Well-known console software developer, Activision, has taken the 30 year old title and has breathed new life into it with an all new look and gameplay sure to appease fans of the classic while also in hopes of gaining a few new fans. Now, time to explain to your little one what an Atari 2600 was. Grab it via the Store link below.

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Activision’s award winning Rigonauts coming to Android in May

American video game publisher Activision played host to its first ever Independent Games Competition last year offering big money to small developers with big ideas. Among the winners was the physics based battle strategy game Rigonauts. Similar to Apparatus, Rigonauts allows you to construct your very own mobile structure that is used to fight off enemy war vehicles while making your way through each level. There are various weapons that can be attached to your “Rigo” such as machine guns, cannons and flame throwers. That, coupled with various creatures and over 30 levels of gameplay will surely provide hours of fun for many gamers looking for something unique and challenging. No official word yet on pricing but we can expect to see it released in the Play Store sometime in May. Check out the video below to see the game in action.

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Call of Duty ELITE Tablet App Coming

Call of Duty ELITE is a premium service for players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Activision launched a mobile app for ELITE members on iOS and Android, and it has been installed over 2 million times. With the success of the smartphone app, Activision is now working on a tablet version for both platforms.

According to Activision Product Director Noah Heller, they are “working on the tablet app right now, I can’t tell you much about it but what I can tell you is that it will be a truly native, customized application for the tablet, it’s not just a simple port.

Optimized for a tablet’s larger screen, the app will most likely feature all the features of the smartphone app, and Heller didn’t deny the possibility of having live Heat Maps on the tablet while playing the game on your console or PC.  You’ll need an ELITE account and a copy of Modern Warfare 3 on your console or computer to use the app. No other information is currently available, but we’ll be sure to post any news as we hear it.

Any ELITE members with tablets looking forward to this? Leave a comment!

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Make Activision’s Call Of Duty Elite Your Next Social Gaming Network (Video)

Any Call of Duty fans out there?  Yeah, yeah, no need to shout all at once.  We’ve got some good news for you.  Activision is gearing up to release their Call of Duty Elite platform for those accessing any Call of Duty games on consoles and PC’s, and boy have they got a lot of goodies stuffed inside.  This is like Twitter and Facebook for hard core Call of Duty fans.  One of the major features being touted at its start is the ability to connect with friends and family members all over the country to compare scores and stats.  In addition, players will be able to challenge each other for real live prizes such as iPads and Jeeps!  The method in which one will be able to access Call of Duty Elite are plenty.  You can get to the service via the web, your television, a game console and now directly on your Android smartphone via a proprietary app.  You can team up with others and engage in awesome adventures together as well as see how well you stand up to other major players.  You can even enter into leagues with your friends.  Another cool feature is mission playback where you can replay a cool stunt or move you performed in slow motion and then upload it to YouTube or Facebook where others can rate it.  Pretty neat huh?  Check out the hilariously narrated demo video below and definitely don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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