Bored of your icons? Check out kovdev’s latest icon pack – NOX!


Icon packs in the Google Play store are a thing of beauty. A simple download can drastically change the look of your Android home screen. If you’re running a custom launcher such as Nova or APEX, then I’m sure you’ve dabbled a little bit with changing out your icons. There’s hundreds of them in the Google Play Store, but in my opinion only a fraction of them are very good. Kovdev is certainly in that group and has made some brilliant icon packs and today has launched quite possibly their best yet in NOX.

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Anomaly Korea Officially Hits The Play Store


Well that was quick. After seeing a new trailer unveiled just last week, 11 Bit Studios has formally launched Anomaly Korea in the Play Store. As a reminder to you forgetful type out there, the game is a follow-up to Anomaly Warzone Earth and features intense action across 12 new levels with new special units and power-ups. In addition, the game is optimized for premium devices, so those of you looking to utilize those dual or quad-core toys you own can look forward to some topnotch and higher quality gaming.

The game is available now at a discounted rate of just $2.99 for all Froyo+ users. However, it is important to keep in mind that the game does come in at a hefty 294MB, so you’ll want to ensure you have the space for that on your device before diving in on the action.


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Bladeslinger Headed To Android, Teaser Trailer Released

The sci-fi/western action game Bladeslinger was announced for Android by Luma Arcade at the Unity Conference Unite 11 yesterday. A teaser trailer was also released to correspond with the announcement, giving fans a peek into this 3rd-person shooter that combines both close and ranged combat as well as the ability to pause game-play and activate special attacks and abilities. Luma Arcade General Manager, Sam Williams calls the project a “pet passion” for their studio that now makes its way to Android (and iOS) “without compromising our vision for the game.”

Hit the break for the Bladeslinger teaser trailer and get aquatinted with the character William Glaston on his way home to Hammer’s Peak, an ill-fated town now overthrown by dreadful creatures.

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Dungeon Defenders for Android is coming soon, and it looks outstanding

A new OpenGL game is headed to Android called Dungeon Defenders, and I have to say, it looks pretty awesome. The game, developed by Trendy Entertainment, uses Unreal Engine 3 and is classified in the 3D MMORPG/Tower Defense/Action genre.

The object is to defend certain strategic points by slashing down enemies, but there is also a cartoon-like element as well. Graphically the game looks simply phenomenal, and the game play looks very intense and immersive. It will be available for $2.99 for most OpenGL ES2.0 capable Android devices, and will be dropping in about three weeks.

Continue after the break to watch a video of the game in action (trust me, you want to do this), and hit up the source link for some additional photos.

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