Acer Unveils Its CloudMobile Smartphone

by Roy Alugbue on
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Acer is set to make a splash for 2012 by formally unveiling its CloudMobile smartphone. This attractive device was recently awarded as the winner of the IF design award— an award in the recognition of outstanding achievement in design. As you can see, the phone has a very slim profile, strutting its stuff in a 4.3-inch profile. Also, the smooth and glossy screen will display glorious HD. Slashgear reports the phone is set to bring a depth of less than a centimeter and “Sleeve DNA design” in addition to a sweet Dolby speaker plate on the back.  While this phone has a gorgeous profile– it will be Acer’s first phone to feature AcerCloud technology and of course, Android 4.0. The CloudMobile smartphone will also be the first to utilize Acer’s cloud service which was introduced at CES this year.

Acer certainly is making it clear that they have big plans for 2012 by releasing eye-opening devices. No word yet on when the device will launch or if it will reach the U.S. or not. We do expect to find out more details at MWC, so stay tuned everyone!

source: Slashgear

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Going For £460 When It Releases

by Jack Holt on
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The Taiwanese company Acer, is enticing many a tablet buyer with Iconia Tab A700‘s impressive specs. Breaking back in November, the 1920×1200, 1080p displayed 1.3GHz Tegra 3 tablet  is certainly turning heads. However, there wasn’t a word on how much this tablet would be going for. Well, that changes as the German web site Tablet Test has listed the A700 for €549 for the 16GB model and €749 for the 64GB model or £460 ($720) and £630 ($982) in the UK respectively.

While this may be a bit pricy the specs are certainly worth it. Acer is looking to push past its lackluster sales performance with the A500 and is looking to throw its weight around with the best of them with the A700. Only time will tell, and we will have to wait and see when we see it’s release in quarter two of this year.


Acer 510 coming in April for €500

by Jim Farmer on
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Way back in November we got a glimpse of Acer’s upcoming tablet User Agent profiles. Fast forward to January and those same tablets are nearing release. Specifically the Acer A510, a Tegra 3-powered, Android 4.0 Iconia Tab . Acer showed off the tablet at a German event announcing that the tablet would hit shelves in April for €500 ($655). Seeing as how Acer’s A200 retails for around $300, the A500 will likely retail for around $500 when it come to the US. The tablet that should really be on your mind, however, and the one Acer has been keeping quite is the A700 which features a massive 1920×1200 display. Hopefully we’ll hear more from Acer on that at CeBIT come March.

[via The Verge through Netbook Italia]

Acer Announces HD Iconia Tab A200, Available in January with ICS in Tow

by Stacy Bruce on
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With the new year upon us, we’re about to see an influx of new tablets and smartphones by the handful. Acer, one of the more affordable manufacturers, has just announced the availability of their next entry to the Iconia Tab line-up, the Iconia Tab A200. The new slate will be available in the US on January 15th and will be available in two different storage sizes, 8GB and 16GB, and will run $329.99 and $349.99 respectively.

As far as specs go, you will get a dual-core Tegra 2 processor that runs Android 3.2 with a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 resolution display and it’s definitely worth mentioning that an ICS update is due in February. The tablet has no rear facing camera but is equipped with a 2MP front shooter for video chat and has battery life up to 8 hours. A microSD card slot is available for memory expansion as well as a full-sized USB 2.0 port and Acer’s technology will provide DNLA connectivity to other DNLA devices for seamless media sharing. The Iconia Tab A200 is pre-loaded with the Tegra Zone Android app for access to Tegra-optimized games and a six-axis gyroscope will aid in advanced gaming.

I am sure we will get a better look at the device during CES next week so stay tuned for further info. To read the full press report join us after this break.  » Read the rest

Acer Not Ready to Throw in the Towel for Tablet and Smartphone Manufacturing

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Some of you may have heard the rumor going around that Acer is preparing to withdraw from the tablet and smartphone markets because of their poor track record. Yesterday, Acer’s founder Stan Shih spoke out in response to the rumor and says that although sales have not been up to par, it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet. Shih likens the tablet and smartphone battle to the familiar struggle they had gaining a foothold in the notebook markets, he feels that persistence will soon pay off.

Acer’s has a business model that aims to create only a couple, well thought-out and executed devices rather than flood the market with many products that might not focus on higher quality. If the Acer gains a reasonable amount of success with fewer device models, then at that point it will expand the tablet and smartphone business operations.

[via DigiTimes]




Acer Officially Launches Iconia Tab A200 10.1

by Roy Alugbue on
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It seems like it has been ages since we’ve heard something regarding the Acer Iconia Tab A200. I mean sure we saw the mouthwatering promo video recently, but we haven’t heard too much else regarding the attractive tablet. Well, we finally have word that Acer has launched their long-awaited device in select countries. The Iconia Tab A200 10.1 will ship with Honeycomb (Android 3.2) preloaded, but Acer promises to quickly upgrade the device to Android 4.0. In case you’ve forgotten, the Iconia Tab A200 will feature a speedy 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1280 x 800 resolution and a 3280mAH battery— which should be good enough for 400 hours of standby time and 8 hours of video playback.

There are also some noteworthy enhancements to Honeycomb on the device. In addition to the standard features, Acer features a cool built-in UI layer called the Acer Ring which is specifically meant to help improve a user’s productivity and multitasking by creating simple and direct access to applications from any screen. Also jumping one step ahead of ICS’s built-in screenshot feature is an app created by Acer which is called— you guessed it– Screenshot. Screenshot can take stills from  within just about any application: web articles, images and even stills from video calls.

There’s no word on the exact pricing or which countries will have the tab first. However consumers can expect to find the device in both Metallic Red or Titanium Gray. Hit the break for the full press release from Acer. » Read the rest

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 in Leaked Promo Video

by Jack Holt on
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Acer Iconia Tab

 Given that the holiday season is upon us, and that the idea of being around those close to us is engrained in our brains, a newly leaked video is circulating the internet that demonstrates Acer Iconia Tab A200 with that in mind. This tablet has a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor with 1GB of RAM, which compared to Acer’s Tegra 3 tablets coming out,  seems pretty mundane. That doesn’t mean that the tablet will be a slouch by any means, and if pricing is somewhat lower this could very well be a solid contender in the tablet market. However, those interested in power may want to check out Acer’s quad-core options first.

The video does show off some of the A200′s features. The form factor is displayed as well as the use of a full sized USB port. This is nice considered that these ports should be standard by now. There isn’t a release date yet but given the theme of the video, I would guess sometime here this holiday season. Given the rumors saying otherwise, it’s nice to see Acer pushing forward in the Android tablet market. For those that are interested, hit the break to check out the video. While the narration may come off as almost creepy it shows the tablet in a wide array of uses.  » Read the rest

Acer, Asus, and Dell to Stop Making Android Tablets?

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Well it appears the PC Hardware vendors may drop out of the Android tablet market altogether. According to reports, Acer, Asustek and Dell may drop out due to fierce competition by Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is surprising news considering Asus is releasing the first Tegra 3 tablet in December and Acer has suggested their own release of tablets with Tegra 3 inside.  While this is purely speculative, an upstream hardware supply chain suggests that they should be seeing orders by now from these companies if they were planning to push tablet sales in the next year. This however, is not because PC vendors lack compelling hardware.

Given, that the three main competitors offer compelling content to compliment their hardware, PC vendors were hard pressed by offering stock OS flavors to theirs. Couple this with cheaper tablet prices by both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, PC vendors didn’t have a leg to stand on price wise. According to the report:

“With Amazon offering its Kindle Fire at US$199 and Barnes & Noble to provide its upcoming Nook Simple Touch at a price of US$99, the pure hardware players are unlikely to profit from the market through price competition.”

Like it was said before, this right now is speculative. However, we have seen PC vendors start to pull their tablets that may suggest that this move could happen. Some also suggest that these companies are holding off on their orders until Windows 8 is out. Although these vendors may see the same issues in that market as well. One thing is for sure, companies and vendors are now starting to see that in order to offer a compelling product they must do more than just offer compelling hardware.


[via Digitimes]

Acer Iconia A700 & A701 Tablets To Feature 1920×1200 Displays & Quad-Core Tegra 3 Processors (!!)

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Acer just keeps it coming. After just seeing certain Acer tablets would feature Tegra 3 chips, we now know that Acer plans on bringing even more quad-core speed demons in the not to distant future. Another user agent profile has slipped out of the cracks clearly showing specific details of what will be the Iconia A700 and A701 tablets. Here you will see that not only are there Tegra 3 quad-core chips, but there’s also a rather monstrous 1920×1200 display. Tegra 3 chip, check. 1900×1200 display, check. Ice Cream Sandwich’s full hardware acceleration, check. Ladies and gentlemen, let the new era of the tablet wars begin.

(Photo via android.HD Blog)

[via android.HD Blog]

Acer Iconia A510 and A511 tablets will have quad-core Tegra 3 processors according to User Agent profile

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Now that Tegra 3 is official, it can’t be a surprise to anyone that manufacturers are working on devices with the newest quad-core processor from NVIDIA. We have heard that Lenovo might have one ready to go by the end of the year. Now, it looks like Acer is jumping onboard with the A510 and A511 tablets. The above User Agent Profile clearly displays NVIDIA Tegra 3.

The A510 will most likely be a WiFi version, while the A511 will be a 4G version. Lets hope that these devices come in a lot thinner than the A500 and A501. We don’t know when they will be released, but I am expecting to get my hands on one at CES in January.

[via phandroid]