Acer’s family-friendly Iconia One 8 goes live at CES 2016


As soon as this month in select markets, Acer will be selling its new Iconia One 8 that was just announced at CES 2016. The tablet, which has modest specifications, focuses on software features that give parents confidence in allowing their children access to the connected world. Acer’s Kids Cetner app simplifies the user interface, serves up child-targeted content, and hands over parental controls to create an age-appropriate experience.

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Acer introduces the Chromebase 24, refreshes the Chromebook 11


Getting things started in what will unquestionably be a busy week for many is Acer. This morning, the company announced two new computers powered by Google’s Chrome OS. The Acer Chromebase 24 is entirely new, offering an all-in-one setup with a crisp display and Intel processor, while the Chromebook 11 is merely a refreshed Chromebook with better materials on the outside and tweaked components on the inside.

Acer is aiming to maintain its spot as one of the top makers of Chrome OS devices in 2015 by releasing new hardware early on in 2016. By making the Chromebase 24 and Chromebook 11 available in markets aside from North America alone, Acer should be able to see similar success this year.

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[Deal] Best Buy has Acer’s Iconia Tab 8 for $99


A tablet is probably something on your shopping list for a friend or family member this Christmas. Luckily, not every tablet is going to cause your piggy bank to break. And the ones that are on the more affordable side won’t sacrifice quality. Just don’t walk out of CVS or Walgreens with one of those no-name tablets. Then I can guarantee you wasted your hard-earned money. So consider the Iconia Tab 8 from Acer. Best Buy is selling it right now for just $99.

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Acer’s Predator 8 up for pre-order from Newegg


At IFA 2015, Acer inserted itself into the conversation as a go-to for mobile gaming. The company’s Predator 8, like NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet, is all about maximizing gaming on a tablet. With an 8-inch Full HD (1920×1080) display, Intel Atom processor, and four front-facing speakers, Acer believes it has a winning formula. But like any mobile device, price is very important. Acer seems to have appropriately priced the Predator 8, with the 32GB model going for $299. And starting today you can pre-order that model of the tablet from Newegg.

The online electronics retailer will be the exclusive seller of the Predator 8 for these next two weeks. Newegg doesn’t have the 64GB model listed on its site at the moment.


Opera Max can now be found preinstalled on devices from 14 OEMs


It looks like your smartphone could have yet another pre-installed application on it, as Opera today announced that its data-saving application Opera Max can now be found installed on handsets from 14 OEMs. After today’s announcement, Opera is expecting to see Opera Max on over 100 million Android-based smartphones by 2017. That’s an impressive number, but just how useful will Opera Max be to consumers? Or will it be shoved away in a folder somewhere, along with the other masses of bloatware?

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Acer Chromebook 15 review


The Chromebook 11 C740 is perfect for students on a budget or anyone needing a small and light machine they could take with them anywhere. But Acer has a much more powerful Chromebook in its lineup this year. Enter Acer’s Chromebook 15, a true powerhouse for all of your office needs. It’s also perfect for entertainment with its crisp Full HD display.

It’s an impressive machine, and it may be the only Chromebook you’ll ever need.

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