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New way to track your smartphone using motion sensors revealed by researchers


As if worrying about whether someone is tracking your smartphone via the GPS chip or triangulating your cell signals, Stanford researcher Hristo Bojinov has discovered the accelerometers in our devices give off unique “fingerprints” that can be used to identify and potentially track a device. The accelerometer is typically used by a device to determine which way a handset is being held so the user interface can adjust for portrait or landscape mode, although other apps make use of the data as well, especially gaming apps or fitness apps. Each accelerometer has to be calibrated so the device will be able to understand the data. Normally, very small deviations may be ignored by the operating system, but they are still being generated by the accelerometer if for no other reason than due to the effects of tiny defects in the manufacturing process and Mr. Bojinov discovered no two accelerometers are alike. Read more

Dark Maze – a game reminescent of Labyrinth [Courtesy of XDA]

Dark Maze

A cool thing about phones and tablets are their accelerometers. Those accelerometers make games like Dark Maze a perfect match for these devices. Now granted there are quite a few maze type games in the market, but this one is a bit more special. The maze starts out dark until you explore an area, and those dark areas, well lets just say sometimes you won’t knew what hit you. The mazes are littered with traps; cannons, spikes, holes, and the dreaded buttons which either initiate doom devices are open the exit. The game has really simple control, just tilt, you’ll be a pro in no time. For people like me, it’s also refreshing to hear that this free game works great on both phones and tablets.

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