OnePlus launches “invite contest,” participate to earn invite to purchase 64GB Sandstone Black version of OnePlus One

storm of invites

The OnePlus One is finally ready for launch, and to celebrate, OnePlus has begun a contest where it will be giving away invites to purchase the 64GB Sandstone Black version of the device.

In case you didn’t read that right, the company will not be giving away the device — they are simply giving away the right to buy it. (Hey, they’re still basically a start-up, give ’em a break!) One winner will receive the device for free though, so I do suppose you have some kind of chance.

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AT&T nabs US exclusivity on the 64GB variant of the HTC One


Thanks to a recent video of the HTC One by AT&T, we have  now learned that the wireless company has been awarded US exclusivity of the 64GB variant of the upcoming HTC One. While it’s great for AT&T users, this is terrible news for everyone else.

My question  is, if HTC is trying their best to crawl themselves out of the hole they’re currently in, why in the world would they grant any carrier exclusivity on the 64GB variant of their flag ship device? Let’s just hope this exclusivity won’t last too long.

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Samsung’s new 10nm 64GB mobile flash memory chips already in production; smaller, faster, cooler

In news that may not come as a surprise to too many folks, Samsung has announced that its next-gen memory chip, the 64GB eMMC Pro Class 2000, is already in production. As we know, this technology is among the fastest moving in the world, so chips becoming smaller, faster, and running cooler is no huge surprise, but the speed at which they evolve is mind-boggling.

These little 10nm fellas rock a 20 percent smaller physical footprint, and Samsung claims 30 percent advantages in both performance and manufacturing productivity compared to their last generation chip. The chips will have a write speed of 2,000 IOPS (input/output per second) and a read speed of 5,000 IOPS. That’s a 33% increase in write speed and a 42% increase in read speed compared with the previous generation. Seeing as these chips are already in production, they’ll be coming soon to a device near you. Hit the break for the full press release. Read more

White 64GB HTC One S with Android 4.1 now available in Taiwan

In what appears to be a regular HTC One S in one photo is in fact a white 64GB One S beast rocking Android 4.1 out of the box that we mentioned last month. It looks like Taiwan is the lucky country to land this beast, at least initially. Along with 4.1 out of the box, this device also rocks the  latest version of HTC Sense (4+). Not to mention that mammoth storage weighing in at a hefty 64GB. All other vitals are the same as the One S we know and love as far as RAM, processor, and display. No word on any other countries landing this bad-boy. Pricing will come in at 17,900 Taiwan dollars, or about $616 or €485.

source:  Unwired View

Retailer confirms black Samsung Galaxy S III with 64GB storage due for October release

Within the past ten days, we have seen photos of a black Samsung Galaxy S III and reports of retailer’s internal databases listing a black version of the popular smartphone. Now, UK retailer Clove has announced on their blog that the new color will be available starting in early October. Clove does not yet have pricing information, but they indicate they are ramping up to start accepting pre-orders.

The color news is not the only development of interest for potential Galaxy S III buyers. Clove also reports the phone will come with 64GB of internal storage as we had previously reported.

source: Clove