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The App Updates to Version 1.5, Adds Widgets, Uploading From Any App

The other day we brought to you news of how you could sneakily snag yourself 50GB of free online storage from As you know, folks who owned either a Sony Xperia or LG Android smartphone received 50GB of cloud storage for free as part of a promotional deal between Sony, LG and Well today we bring you news that Box has updated their Android app bringing it to version 1.5. Besides updates to the interface the app boasts some awesome productivity features. They are:

  •  A widget that shows the progress of files that are currently being modified or updated.
  •  The ability to upload email attachments or files directly from the app you’re currently using.
  •  The ability to create documents in an office app of your choice and saving the file in Box, rather than in  the document editor.

Given has 1.9 million users, the company is doing what it can to provide important improvements to the user experience. This goes a long way in customer satisfaction and it’s a relief to see that some companies still value the consumer. Hit the break below to find the Market link or QR Code, and if you are truly interested to read the press release. Even if you missed the 50GB promotion you can still snag 5GB of free online storage which is more than enough for most folks, enjoy.  Read more

T-Mobile to begin throttling data usage over 5GB beginning October 16?

Back in April, T-Mobile was the only wireless provider toying with the idea of throttling data instead of capping it, meaning that instead of cutting customers off at a certain point, speeds would simply be reduced to offset what T-Mobile would call excessive use of data.

It was thought that this was going to happen then, but a new internal document brought to us by TmoNews appears to reveal that the throttling switch is being flipped this Saturday, October 16, once a user hits a threshold of 5GB. In all honesty, this seems like a pretty reasonable alternative to capping data usage, especially at 5 GB. As T-Mobile puts it, 5GB is equivalent to about 125,000 page visits of, and only 1% of customers will ever experience throttling.

I for one would love to see other carriers go this route, and perhaps if T-Mobile leads by example, they just might follow suit.

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