Samsung Galaxy S III With T-Mobile LTE Support Passes Through FCC

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T-Mobile launched the Samsung Galaxy S III around the same time as other carriers, but due to its 4G LTE network not being deployed until this year, there was no LTE support. That’s about to change now after the Galaxy S III was spotted passing through the FCC with T-Mobile LTE support. Known as the Samsung SGH-T999L, consumers can anticipate its arrival on March 27th. The phone will also have support for HSPA+ over the 850, 1700, and 1900MHz bands, including LTE Band 17 which is utilized on AT&T smartphones. In other words, T-Mobile customers who unlock this upcoming version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, could use it on AT&T’s network.

Source: FCC
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Sprint Rolls Out 4G LTE To Nine New Markets

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Sprint has made 4G LTE available to even more customers with faster data speeds now available in nine new markets. Here they are:

  • Columbus, Indiana
  • Elkhart/Goshen, Indiana
  • Hammond, Louisiana
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Statesville, North Carolina
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Temple, Texas
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin

4G LTE for these Sprint customers is live as we speak and even if you don’t have a 4G LTE enabled smartphone, you should see an improvement in 3G thanks to network improvements.

Source: Sprint

T-Mobile uses Q4 results to tout slight growth in overall subscribers, casually mentions rollout of LTE to Las Vegas and Kansas City in the process

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T-Mobile recently shared some good news with the public indicating the company is headed in a better direction— albeit at a slower rate than competitors. According to its Q4 results, while the nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier saw a slight decrease in postpaid subscribers, it saw a significant uptick in prepaid subscribers with the addition of 166,000 total customers. Adjusting for the postpaid subscribers, T-Mobile saw the  the net customer additions come to something around 61,000 total.

While the customer additions are exciting, T-Mobile really used the Q4 results to tout its ever-growing LTE plan. As part of its gradual evolution to the next generation of 4G, T-Mobile formally announced its LTE network “been completed” in Las Vegas and Kansas City, so those of you living in those markets can already enjoy some fast LTE speeds. More importantly— T-Mo will actually accelerate its LTE plan and insists that 100 million customers will be covered by the middle of the year, while more than 200 will see LTE by the end of the year. Oh and don’t think that T-Mo has forgotten its faux-g base either as completed extensive HSPA+ upgrades in the Orlando, Ann Arbor and Richmond markets, bringing the total number of customers covered by 1900MHz HSPA+ to something in the neighborhood of 142 million.

All we need now are just a couple of LTE-ready devices T-Mo, but as the old adage says: better late than never T-Mo.

source: T-Mobile

Qualcomm announces the world’s first global 4G LTE solution

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Sure you may live in one part of the world and own a sweet 4G LTE device, but unfortunately that LTE device may support frequencies only specific to the region you live in and would likely not work elsewhere in the world— causing some angst to say the least. Fortunately Qualcomm has taken note of this significant problem and has introduced its RF360 unit, the world’s first global LTE solution. What this special solution does is effectively allow users of LTE-based devices to use RF360-enabled LTE devices anywhere in the world, being able to read and transmit all sorts of RF data. In short, the RF360 unit will allow LTE users to use the hyper-fast 4G LTE speeds, regardless of the wireless bands a network may be on. As exciting as this is— there will be a minor wait before we see the first devices featuring this sweet technology as Qualcomm has confirmed we’ll see the first few products sometime in the second half of 2013.

More details about this awesome achievement can be found once you hit the break.


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Sprint Force smartphone leaked for your viewing pleasure, brings an affordable LTE device to the masses

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It looks as if Sprint has yet another ZTE device on the way— this time an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered device called the Force. This mid-ranger features a 1.5GHz dual-core chip + 1GB of RAM, 4 gigs of on-board ROM and a decent 1,730mAh battery. The real kicker about this device is that it will feature a full 4G LTE chip built-in. All of these goodies seem to bode well for customers looking for a new device soon, as the Force is set to arrive in stores on March 1st for a mere $50.

Sure looks like Sprint is trying its dardnest to get customers to its ever-growing 4G LTE network doesn’t it?

source: Engadget

EE confirms smartphone activations fall in Q4 2012, 4G LTE to blame?

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So we thought that EE’s launch of its super-fast LTE network would be welcome with open arms, but it appears there’s a slower adoption rate than expected. According to the 2012 year-end results from the wireless carrier, there were only 201,000 new subscribers for Q4, which is a mild disappointment to say the least. Fortunately, the wireless carrier was able to utilize its growing LTE network to springboard more of its customers into embracing smartphone use, which falls in line with some studies that we’ve heard before.

It’ll probably be a while before UK mobile users shy away from those HSPA+ networks until carriers like EE come up with a compelling reason for why LTE should be used. EE will certainly have its work cut out for it in the meantime.

source: EE

US Cellular announces a handful of new LTE markets

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US Cellular announced today that it will be covering a few more lucky markets in LTE coverage. Certain cities in California, Kansas and Nebraska will get their first taste of 4G LTE, and several cities in Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin will be getting expanded coverage. No details on exactly which cities they plan on covering or when they plan on launching the coverage, but since it plans on finishing its LTE rollout by the end of 2014, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. Any US Cellular customers excited about this news? » Read the rest

Sprint reports strong sales for 4th quarter, year driven by 4G LTE growth

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Sprint reported fourth quarter and annual financial results today driven by record wireless service revenues. Fourth quarter net operating revenue totaled $9 billion, including $7 billion from Sprint platform wireless service. On an annual basis, the numbers were $35.3 billion and $27.1 billion respectively. This represented growth of 12 percent year-over-year for the fourth quarter and 15 percent growth for the full year. » Read the rest

DOJ Cites National Security In Request To Delay Sprint/Softbank Merger

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Slow your roll, Sprint! The Department of Justice has stepped in and filed a request for the FCC to defer approval of the Sprint/Softbank Merger. The DOJ said it was “currently reviewing this matter for any national security, law enforcement, and public safety issues.” The deferral request should be seen as a plea for more time rather than condemnation of the proposal. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are also taking part in the review.

An FCC hold will likely push the completion of the deal past the mid-2013 goal Sprint and Softbank stated back in October. It will also delay Sprint’s snail-paced, but growing, LTE rollout. Remember Softbank, Japan’s largest wireless provider, is bringing the green in this acquisition: $20.1 billion ($12.1 billion in cash consideration & $8 billion in capital).

Source: The Verge

Samsung Announces The Galaxy Express Smartphone For International Markets

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Hot off the heels of AT&T’s successful launch back in November, Samsung has launched its Galaxy Express smartphone for additional markets worldwide. In case you’ve forgotten, this attractive mid-range device features a 4.5-inch screen with a SuperAMOLED Plus display, 1.2GHz dual-core chip, a gig of RAM, a hefty 2,000mAh battery inside, Jelly Bean and for all the markets out there that support 4G LTE— there’s a built-in 4G LTE chip inside as well. All-in-all, the Galaxy Express appears to be a solid value-driven smartphone for those who aren’t looking to break the bank too much.

While the device has formally been announced, Samsung is staying mum on how much the device will cost and which international markets will see the device first— but we’re hoping to have an answer for both questions sooner than later.

source: Samsung