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Samsung SCH-I200 (aka Jasper) for Verizon gets official name outed through Best Buy product page: Samsung Galaxy Stellar

If you recall recently, we finally saw a glimpse of the mysterious entry-level Samsung SCH-I200 (aka “Jasper”) smartphone shortly after passing through the FCC. Thanks to Best Buy jumping the gun, the official name of the phone has been outed, courtesy of a leaked product page. According to the Best Buy product page for the device, we now have proof that the Samsung SCH-I200 will hit retail stores as the Samsung Galaxy Stellar. Although no specifics are mentioned on Best Buy’s site regarding the device’s storage or type of CPU, we do know it’ll run $99 with a 2-year contract and will sport the following specs:

  • Android 4.0 (ICS)
  • 1.2GHz dual-core CPU
  • LTE
  • 4″ 800×480 display
  • 3.2MP rear shooter, 1.3MP front
  • Bluetooth
  • TouchWiz UI Read more

US Cellular’s Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G Now Available Online For $179

US Cellular now has another 4G LTE handset available to customers, the Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G. The Metrix 4G is now available online for $179 after a $100 mail-in rebate, but if you purchase the phone in an LTE capable market (or a market that will have LTE by the end of the year), then the device will only cost you $129. If don’t live in an LTE capable market, but live relatively close to one, it may be smart to take the quick drive and save yourself a quick $50. As for the specs of the phone, here’s what you can expect:

  • A slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • A 1GHz processor
  • A 4.0-inch touchscreen
  • A  5MP rear-facing camera and camcorder
  • A front-facing camera

While it’s no Samsung Galaxy S III, it’s still a more than capable device that will give you 4G LTE speeds. You can read the full press release after the break.

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Motorola XT907 Makes Its Way On FCC Grounds, Comes Decorated In Verizon Wireless Bands


Well what do we have here? It’s another sighting of that mysterious Motorola XT907 smartphone we told you about previously. This time, a coy device by the same name made its way past FCC doors and pretty much confirms this will be Verizon’s next weapon in its arsenal since it will feature CDMA 1x and EV-DO radios– all the while operating on LTE bands. In addition, the XT907 will also feature Near Field Communications (NFC), which clearly points to yet another DROID RAZR variant on the way to the network.

There’s no other information on it now, but you can bet we’re on it and will share additional details as we hear them.

source: FCC
via: Engadget


Verizon to reach 75% of US population with addition of 34 new 4G LTE cities on August 16th

Verizon continues to march toward their goal of having 400 markets with 4G LTE access before the end of 2012. They are very close to reaching their goal as they announced today the official addition of 34 new markets. Along with these new markets, Verizon is expanding their 4G LTE service in 38 existing markets. With these additions, Verizon is now up to 371 markets with 4G LTE capability, more 4G coverage “than all other U.S. wireless providers combined” and they claim to now cover 75% of the US population. Hit the break for the full press release from Verizon Wireless, including the list of cities. Read more

Verizon to offer Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with 4G LTE starting August 17

This morning Verizon announced that on Friday, August 17th, they will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 both online and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores. This Verizon version of the 7-inch tablet includes 4G LTE network capabilities for on-the-go access. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will be priced at $349 which is $100 more than a wifi only version of the tablet.

It appears Verizon and Samsung have made some slight improvements to the device since we reviewed an earlier version. The processor is now running at 1.2 GHz compared to the original 1.0 GHz and Bluetooth has been bumped up from 3.0 to 4.0. External memory support has also increased from 32 GB to 64 GB via microSD card. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will come loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is not quite the powerhouse tablet of the Google Nexus 7, but it does have a nice set of features. Whether the ability to connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE is enough to justify the extra cost remains to be seen. Hit the break for the full press release from Verizon. Read more

Sprint Reaffirms Pledge To Launch HD Voice In Limited Capacity By The End Of The Year, Will Ramp Up By 2013


You remember how we mentioned how Sprint would be bringing its HD Voice service to select handsets later this year? Well Sprint has reassessed its strategy and believes it needs to upgrade a “critical mass” of its markets with the necessary network improvements to support HD Voice. That means Sprint will likely make a major push of the service to early 2013, in addition to the limited rollout later this year. Sprint also mentions its HD Voice’s availability will gradually increase over 2013 and 2014 and that it expects a significant portion of its network and devices will support HD Voice by the end of 2014. That means the HTC EVO 4G LTE will have more than a few friends to party with.

No additional news for now, but we’ll be sure to keep you all posted as we hear anything else from the Now Network.

source: Phone Scoop

AT&T Adds Four New Cities To Its 4G LTE Network And Expands Coverage In Three Others

Looks like every major U.S. carrier is competing to get their LTE networks up the fastest, which is great for those of us in the States. The latest is AT&T, which just launched LTE in the following four cities:

  • West Palm Beach, FL
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Worcester Area, MA

In addition to these new markets, AT&T is also expanding their LTE coverage in Baltimore, Boston, and Washington D.C. Of course, Verizon is currently top LTE dog in the U.S., but AT&T is at least consistently rolling out coverage in major cities. Sprint and T-Mobile have some catching up to do.

source: at&t

Sprint Adding 4G LTE To Four More Cities By Labor Day

Sprint announced today that four new cities will be getting 4G LTE by Labor Day. So if you’re lucky enough to live in one the following cities, you should have a much speedier network by September 3rd.

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Gainesville, GA
  • Manhattan/Junction City, KS
  • Sherman-Denison, TX

These cities are in addition to the original five (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio) bringing Sprint’s upcoming LTE coverage to 9 cities so far.

Still waiting for LTE to come to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sprint! My Evo 4G LTE is feeling a little pokey on 3G.

Hit the source link for the full press release.

source: sprint

AT&T Motorola Atrix HD Review: Premium Features For A Budget Price And Easily The Best Smartphone Under $100 Available


17 months ago, the idea of a smartphone’s capabilities changed with the introduction of the Motorola Atrix 4G at CES, a premium device on AT&T’s “4G” HSPA+ network. The original device is one that holds a special place in my heart because it is the single smartphone that swooned me into the world of Android. Pegged as a revolutionary all-in-one device, the Atrix 4G included features like the Tegra 2 dual-core processor, fingerprint sensor and the WebTop accessory– which allowed owners to essentially eliminate the need for a laptop. Within the same year, Motorola introduced the Atrix 2, which boasted items like a TI-OMAP dual-core processor, 8MP camera and WebTop support that gave AT&T customers not one, but two appealing high-end Motorola devices to choose from in the 2011 calendar year. As appealing as the Atrix 4G and Atrix 2 have been, times change rather quickly and with the arrival of Spring 2012, both devices have quickly been surpassed by several high-end devices released in the last 3 or 4 months such as the resounding HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones. Each of those devices were released with immediate fanfare and success as they have again raised the bar for Android smartphones that feature incredible displays, impressive cameras and Android 4.0 among the noteworthy features. But what about Motorola? How can one of the world’s largest Android manufacturers sit idle and allow its competitors to literally snatch the dollars from consumers’ wallets?

Well, Motorola finally figured out it needed to get its act together and offer up a “modern” smartphone for 2012. Don’t forget Motorola’s strategy: it pledged to focus on the quality of existing devices— not bombard consumers with a ton of devices in a single calendar year. That’s a novel idea and all, but HTC and Samsung seemed to develop their now flagship devices months in advance, while Motorola seemed to sit and watch how everything unfolded and rely on the success of its existing phones like the Atrix series. Realizing it was quickly falling behind, Motorola saw the success of the DROID RAZR smartphone on Verizon’s network and came up with a new strategy for the Atrix line on AT&T’s network. Instead of developing a brand new smartphone, it looks like Motorola brought elements of the original DROID RAZR, but included up-to-date amenities such as a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 720p display, an improved 8MP camera, 4G LTE radio and Android 4.0. So how does all this fare? Does Motorola’s new strategy result in an appealing option for AT&T customers? Read on to find out in this review. Read more

Samsung SCH-I200 For Verizon Finally Shows Its Skin, Confirms What We Already Knew


After what has been seemingly months of speculation, we now have an idea of what Verizon’s upcoming Samsung “Jasper” (SCH-I200) looks like. As you can see, it kind of favors Samsung’s DROID Charge in appearance, but will feature a 4G LTE chip complimented by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor and heavy scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich with a touch of TouchWiz. While it will feature a snappy processor and Android 4.0, it will feature a modest WVGA (800 x 480) display alongside a modest screen size. Something of note that will be no doubt exciting for prospective buyers is the fact it will include a dedicated multitasking button in the place of the usual search button.

While we finally have an idea of how the phone looks like— both Sammy and Verizon are staying tight-lipped about when it will hit Verizon stores. Though our guess it will arrive out here sooner than later.

source: The Verge