Smart Unlock App Brings Trusted Devices Feature To Non Lollipop Devices


Are you envious of the Trusted Devices feature introduced in Lollipop? Not content to wait until your OEM updates your phone to Android 5.0? Good news, everybody, XDA recognized developer, hazex, has recently released an app to the Play Store that can bring this functionality to any Android device running 4.1 and above. Furthermore, if you’re shy of rooting your device, this app will not require you to be rooted!

Hazex and his company, Loading Home, not to be one-upped by Google, are also adding in the ability to add WiFi routers to your list of trusted devices. So even if you’re running Android 5.0, you may want to check out this app simply for that feature. Check out the rest of this article after the break for the app’s link to the Play Store, plus some added information if you’re not quite sure what the Trusted Devices feature is. Read more

AT&T to begin rolling out Jelly Bean OTA update for Xperia TL


If you own an Xperia TL on AT&T, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for updates on your device in the next few days. AT&T has announced they’ll begin rolling out the Android 4.1 update to the TL, which includes all of our favorite Jelly Bean features like expanded notifications and Google Now. You’ll also get some new camera features, including a better auto mode and HDR, as well as AT&T’s DriveMode app, which auto replies to texts if the phone detects you’re driving over 25 mph.

Keep checking for the upgrade, and let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update.

source: AT&T

Motorola DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX to Receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA


“Well, it’s about time!”, might be what your thinking if you have been anticipating the much anticipated OTA of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX. Unlike their little brother, the Droid RAZR M, which received the OTA months ago, owners of these devices have been denied the pleasure of all 4.1’s Jelly Bean goodness…but no more!

We already got an idea of some of the changes with this update, but now it’s officially approved and ready to go. Hit the break for some of the new Jelly Bean highlights along with some demo videos.

  • Google Now – Receive sports scores, stock updates, weather reports, and traffic updates without having to search the entire web for them. Google Now will learn what’s important to you and give you the updates you need before you even know you needed them.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Expanded Notifications – Get a snapshot of your incoming e-mails, news reader notifications, Facebook updates, chat and more. Swipe them away where your done with them and move on with your busy life.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Improved Voice Search – Ask Google Now a real-world question, and get a real-world answer in seconds.  Want to know what the weather will be like for the motorcycle ride this afternoon? Android 4.1 will tell you, in spoken word!

YouTube Preview Image

Want to know more, check the source for a link to Motorola’s new Android upgrade page and get information on the upgrade schedule.

Source:  Motorola

Droid DNA to receive incremental update with several fixes and enhancements


The newest addition to Verizon’s Droid family, the HTC Droid DNA, is set to receive a minor update OTA relatively soon. It’s not a major update to 4.2, unfortunately, but it does contain quite a few other enhancements WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio quality, among other things. Regardless, updates are always a good thing. No official word on when this update is going to roll out to devices, but since Verizon has officially put up their support page, it shouldn’t be too much longer. Hit the source below to get the full changelog for the update.

source: Verizon Wireless

Android 4.1 TouchWiz Jelly Bean spotted running on Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300) [Video]


Back in July, we reported that we should all expect Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to hit the Samsung Galaxy S III sometime in Q4. It looks like Samsung is very well on that track as a leaked version of a TouchWiz based Jelly Bean ROM (XADLG4) has been spotted running on a Galaxy S III (i9300). As you can see in the video below, you’re greeted with the standard Jelly Bean intro and you soon see all of Jelly Bean’s goodness paired with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Some notable things that I liked seeing were the presence of notification toggles in the new Jelly Bean style notification shade, as well as Google Now. I can only hope that Samsung got rid of that horrid S-Voice app in Jelly Bean now that Google Now is present.

So far there’s no word as to when this will be available to the masses, but we’re hoping it’ll be sooner than later. As for Androids beloved rooted users, this leaked ROM has yet to hit XDA, but I have no doubt that someone will get their hands on this ROM and upload it on XDA in no time. As soon as that happens, we’ll be sure to inform you.

What do you all think of Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III thus far?

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