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Want To Manually Enable Sideloading On Your Motorola Atrix 4G?

You know here at Talk Android we have nothing better to do than scour the web and find note worthy news, slap it on a spoon and force feed it directly to you, right?  Yeah, it’s kind of our motto.  And with that, here’s some worthy news for ya now.  As many of you know, Motorola, as no surprise, disabled the side loading of third party applications on the Atrix 4G.  But fret not my fellow Android lover.  You know where we go when we need a hack or a mod, right?  You guessed it, XDA members have provided a way for you to install third party applications the old fashion way.  Member gdanko has taken on the small project and provides a walkthrough for you over at the forums.  If you’re ready to give it a go, then head on over to the thread via the source link.  Don’t forget to head back over to Talk Android and let us know how well this is working for you.   Read more