Droid Incredible’s .32 kernel has been overclocked

by Chris Moor on
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First NAND unlocked, now this. Remember the story that I wrote on how HTC released the source code to its .32 kernel on the Droid Incredible? It looks like ejhart, the maker of the Droid Incredible’s overclocked Hydra Kernel, has put out an overclocked verison of the Droid Incredible’s .32 kernel. This will allow Incredible users who flashed the leaked Froyo OTA update to overclock their phone to 1.15GHz. Not a huge jump, but better than 1GHz. Hit up the source link to download the kernel. Note that you must have a rooted Droid Incredible, and must have flashed the leaked radio from the OTA Froyo update. I had some problems with the kernel, mainly when I was connecting the phone to my laptop, so there are still some bugs to be worked out.

[via Hydra Kernels]

HTC releases kernel source for Droid Incredible

by Chris Moor on
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HTC has released the kernel source code for 2.2 for HTC Droid Incredible, which will allow users to make near bug-free ROM’s for the Incredible. However, Froyo hasn’t officially rolled out to the device, but that won’t stop everyone from making some amazing ROM’s.

Hit up the source link to download the source code.

[via HTC Dev Download Center]