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2.5GHz Snapdragons at the start of next year

Coming from the Innovation Qualcomm event in Istanbul, expect new single, dual, and quad-core chips boasting speeds of 2.5GHz to be inside phones at the start of next year. Thats almost double the speed of anything on the market today! Also, this S4 class chipset will offer Adreno Graphics, 3D, 1080p HD, as well as sporting 3G and LTE connectivity as standard. We’ll likely start seeing the first of the beasts at Mobile World Conference in February. Who’s drooling already?

Snapdragon Roadmap Photo from the event, just past the break. Read more

Qualcomm building 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon mobile processors


Qualcomm has announced that by 2012, we should start seeing quad-core mobile chips in many mobile devices. This comes just days after we all started seeing dual-core tablets and smartphones becoming much more common at MWC, we just can’t be satisfied with dual-core and 4G. No sir, we need quad-core chips on 8G wireless networks at Lucas like lightspeeds!

Seriously though, these APQ8064 quad-core chips will bring 150% increase in performance over ARM-based chips, and a 65% decrease in power consumption, which is what any mobile device is really after when you get right down to it. Other new chipsets will include the single-core MSM8930 and the dual-core MSM8960. The MSM8930 will best be used for smaller devices with LTE modem chip, while the bigger brother dual-core MSM8960 is designed with smartphones and tablets with multi-tasking priority for power.

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