Motorola Charm may be coming to T-Mobile, bringing Android 2.1 and enhanced motoblur

Reminiscent of the Motorola Q9, it looks like the Motorola Charm will be headed to T-Mobile. While this little guy has some interesting design choices invested into it (like the keyboard to screen ration), it should also be packing Android 2.1 and a new, improved version of Motoblur. According to the picture above, it seems that the Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT will be getting the same UI “enhancements”.

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The other Android tablet comparison

Everybody loves an underdog story, don’t they? Slumdog Millionaire, Gandhi, Rocky, those special kids on American Idol – we are suckers for them all. Giant killings are also a personal favourite of mine. I once killed three giants in one go, with my good hand tied behind my back, because one of them stole my tea and scones.

Of course, I’m making that last bit up. I didn’t really have my hand tied behind my back at all.

However, with the hype of the ‘license to print money’ iPad still somewhat rife, I am pleased to introduce some absolute rank outside contenders into the Android tablet fray. Here at Talk Android, we often harp on about the big boys and it’s very easy to forget about some of the ‘other’ players out there.

Now, let’s be very clear for this – a few of these comparisons are somewhat controversial, and rightly so. From the downright obvious iPad rip-off, to the surprisingly elegant and sexy, I have picked out four of my favourite revelations of recent weeks. Probably not new to all of you, but some interesting mentions nonetheless.

Huawei S7

This device should be familiar to anyone who kept up to speed with goings on at Computex recently. The most impressive and most expensive of my roundup, the S7 boasts Android OS 2.1 and a sim card slot too, but misses out on some decent storage to start with. A great looking device that I think will be quite popular over the coming months, with users who want a decent quality product with some background. Available at Expansys for £299.

‘Generic’ brand @ DealExtreme

Credit where it’s due – this device is extremely cheap for the cost. At a paltry £89 at current exchange rates from DealExtreme, this ‘Generic’ device (most likely of Chinese origin) really does pack a lot of punch for the money. However, with an unknown processor speed (at the time of writing), a camera from ten years ago and Android OS 1.5, it could be a risk. But don’t forget as well that you may be subject to import duty on this item too and exchange rates will fluctuate.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

A little on the small side, I actually think this Archos tablet is quite attractive. A decent processor and RAM, coupled with 8GB of storage, makes this a viable alternative to some others. The screen is only 4.8 inches, but still dishes out an 800 x 480 resolution running on Android OS 1.6. At £187 for the 8GB version from Pcbuyit, it’s not cheap, but definitely portable and versatile.

Eken M003

Here’s the joker of the pack. Look a little familiar to you? Yeah, I thought so. They may as well call this ‘the fake iPad’, because the resemblance is a little too uncanny for its own good. That 8 inch screen is impressive with an 800 x 600 resolution and only £100? Where’s the catch? It’s at DealExtreme, so you’d be potentially subject to import duty (though I am informed that DX often label goods as ‘gift’ to avoid such charges). Oh, and nobody can confirm what the 533MHz processor is, other than probably a bit sluggish. Risky, but potentially fantastic value.

Check out the comaprison table below to see some of the key specifications of the above devices, and in some cases to not see some of the specifications (thank you strange Asian manufacturers!). Click for a larger image.

So the cards are on the table. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below – all are very much welcome!

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Android based Huawei S7 Tablet on presale, ships in 10 days

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on an Android based tablet that doesn’t look bad, the Huawei S7 tablet may be your weapon of choice. A little while back, Huawei unveiled their S7 tablet at Computex, and now it looks like they will be re-announcing it in Australia tomorrow to make it official. Tomorrow, you say? Surely, you can’t wait that long! Well, fear not, because Expansys now has the tablet up for preorder for £299.99 plus shipping. This little number will feature a 800×480, 7″ capacitive display, Android 2.1, plus an underclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 768MHz.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

HTC Desire sim card free for £385.60 at

This phone was previously on at £399, but has now dropped to the more attractive price of £385.60 at Amazon in the UK, sim free. While it’s still a decent amount of cash to part with, it is sim-free to be fair. Those who are looking to upgrade at the end of their contract, may be able to find a good deal for the Desire from other sources, but if you just want the phone, this is probably the cheapest around from a reputable retailer, with stock.

Boasting the somewhat impressive 480 x 800 pixels 3.7 inch AMOLED screen, 5MP camera with LED flash, Android 2.1 ‘Eclair’, a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor and 576MB RAM, the HTC Desire is not surprisingly, quite desirable. In fact, many still feel that this is the best Android phone on the market at present. still show stock at the moment, but are known for random price changes through the day, so be quick and don’t forget to use your Nectar card if you have one – you can collect double points until June 24th!


HTC Wildfire available sim card free for £229.99

Seeing as the Wildfire is likely to set you back a  few quid on an 18/24 month contract anyway, this deal at may be of interest for those of you in the UK. Though £229.99 isn’t exactly the spare change, fluff and button found in the depths of your trouser pocket, it does represent a way of acquiring a new Android phone for users out there who are mid-contract and stuck in a rut.

Sporting Android 2.1 ‘Eclair’, a 5MP camera, WiFi, GPS and 512MB internal memory, the Wildfire seems to be a fairly affordable way to get into the Android market, even though the phone itself feels anything but cheap. Judging by reviews of late, it would seem that the only disappointment is the relatively low resolution screen at 240 x 320 pixels.

To be fair though, had the screen been a killer, it would have likely cannibalised the sales of other HTC Android-based phones, which is never a good idea, is it?

Anyway – you can head over to and pre-order the Wildfire now – release date is 26/07/2010, but have been known to send items early to ensure they arrive on the launch-day. You could save a few pounds too (up to 3.5%), by using a money-saving site like Quidco. You never know …


Toshiba’s new AC100 Android netbook

This funky looking laptop is Toshiba’s latest device to feature Android 2.1; also known as Éclair. It’s a tiny (border-lining netbook size here) laptop with a 10.1″ LED screen with a resolution of 1024×600 and has a 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 250 mobile  processor under the hood. To add to the performance; Toshiba have added 512mb of DDR2 RAM and  includes 8Gb of  space on a solid state HD (which is not a vast amount for a proposed laptop), with an SD slot for those people wishing to increase the storage capacity of their mini laptop.  Toshiba are coining this as an “instant on” device, meaning that because Android 2.1 is a low power OS, it can boot up rather quickly; apparently as quickly as 1 second!

The little AC100 (and it is teeny tiny) has also reportedly got a very good battery life, up to 7 days on standby according to Toshiba, this is quite an accomplishment! However don’t get your hopes up just yet, as that roughly translates into around 8 hours use (if the device is used extensively) a day, but let’s be honest, that is still pretty damn good!. Combine this with an integrated 3G module and this is a good companion for travelling, giving you a good platform for films and working (if you’re a businessman/woman) freeing up your Android smartphone for other tasks. Just check out this video:

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HTC Wildfire – pre-order on Vodafone UK

Quite appropriately named, the HTC Wildfire is marketed as a phone suitable for gossiping social networking. Latest word is, thanks to Tech Watch, that the Wildfire is now available for pre-order on Vodafone in the UK.

Sporting a 3.2″ touch-screen, 32GB internal storage as well as WiFi, 5MP camera and a 500MHz processor, the Wildfire also comes with Android 2.1 installed from the start.

While previous expectations were that the Wildfire would be available early July, Vodafone reckon that pre-orders will result in a June 15th delivery – not too shabby, that.

The Wildfire is available free on all monthly plans at the time of writing, but no news on whether a pay as you go option will become available.

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HTC Hero – Android 2.1 upgrade for UK – truth or tease?

It would seem that the long-awaited Android 2.1 upgrade may be making the journey towards the West sooner rather than later – if recent reports are to be believed. After reports last week of the 2.1 update being made available to customers in Asia, Pocket Lint has reported that a statement advising a June arrival has not been retracted, according to

Is this the news we’ve all been waiting for? Or have HTC pulled the wool over our eyes again? After all, we were meant to be receiving this update in October 2009 March 2010, but that never happened either, with the ‘official word’ pushing a release back to June 2010.

June’s here for another 23 days yet – will HTC turn this update into the new Gran Turismo 5, with a never-ending line of setbacks? Or will they stun us all and deliver the goods before June is out? My British cynicism cannot help but feel that the former is far more likely, but HTC have to release the update eventually. Right?

Don’t tell me you can’t see the sad face in this picture either.

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HTC Hero Finally Gets Android 2.1… If You’re in Asia

Hero owners rejoice! Android 2.1 is coming to a handset near you! Oh wait, you didn’t read the fine print. This is currently for Asian customers only. Sorry, but don’t worry, it will be available worldwide soon enough.

As you know the Hero was stuck on Android 1.5, so this was a much needed upgrade. It’s good to see that the OEMs and manufacturers in the Android community are working to fix that little fragmentation problem.

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