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Xperia X10 Road Map Leaked, No Sign of Froyo

A document that was leaked from the IFA Show in Berlin earlier this month seems to show the future of Sony Ericsson’s X10 devices.

Xperia X10 users will be happy to see a number of great features that are being planned for all X10 devices and the X8. These include:

  • 720P Video Recording
  • 5 Home Screens
  • HTML5
  • Android 2.1

Following this update there seems to be a second one planned which is dubbed as 2.1X on this document. This seems to say that Sony Ericsson are planning on adapting Android 2.1 further with their on software. These enhancments a new Timescape and Mediascape.

Something that will disappoint Xperia owners here is that it seems they will not be seeing Android 2.2 on their devices any time soon.


Android 2.1+ now takes up 70.4% of Android devices

According to the Android Developers Blog, Android 2.1 and 2.2 are now on 70.4% of Android devices. The latest stats show Eclair at 41.7%, while Froyo is sitting at 28.7%. Check out the time chart below:

It’s nice to see 1.5 and 1.6 heading the way of betamax tapes, but we could definitely stand to see some more progress going full steam ahead.

What do you think of Google’s progress? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Android 2.1 finally released for Rogers HTC Magic

We were expecting an udpate to the Rogers HTC Magic mid-year 2010 when they announced it back in January.  Just when we thought all hope was lost, this almost forgotten phone finally gets it feet into Android 2.1 shoes!  The news comes to us from Mary Pretotto via twitter, an employee of Rogers focused on their customer needs.  So if you are on Rogers and want to keep in the know, be sure to follow her updates.

It’s also noted that some users are having issues with their updates – one being that of having enough storage.  Apparently the minimum free space needed for the update is 25 MB, so try to make some room if you have a full library of apps.  As always, be sure to backup your phone before doing any major updates.  Especially since HTC is stating on their site that this update will delete anything in your internal memory that is not part of the OS.

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Android 2.1 upgrade coming to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 family by end of September

According to the official Twitter account for Sony Ericsson UK:

“We can only confirm that the upgrade to Android 2.1 is due for release before the end of September. We hope this helps.”

While this isn’t confirmed as to whether this is just for our X10 users across the lake or on a more global scale, it is good news either way, and a far cry from the Q4 timeframe that has been rumored for awhile now.

What do you think? Reasonable timeframe for the upgrade? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Samsung Galaxy Portal on T-Mobile updated to Android 2.1

In the recent flood of Android devices seeing upgrades to their OS in the recent weeks, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Portal on T-Mobile can be added to the crowd. The device, which has been floating around on Android 1.5 since its inception in March, is now able to be updated to 2.1 via a download and install. According to the announcement:

“Just to make you all aware if you don’t know already, the Android 2.1 update for the Portal has now been approved and is available for download via the Samsung PC Studio software now”

The upgrade is relatively painless: simply download the Samsung update software and run through the motions. To any of our Galaxy Portal touting readers out there who try out the update, be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments!

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Philips GoGear Connect available for pre-order ovearseas

Argos, a large retailer in the UK and Republic of Ireland, has begun taking pre-orders on the Philips GoGear Connect 16GB PMP running Android 2.1. With a price of £199.99, approximately $314, this device has some good specs and a sleek design. No word on an international release as of yet. Would any of you be interested anyway? Specs as listed by Argos after the break. Any of you guys overseas looking to pre-order click here. Read more

Android based Augen Gentouch tablet no longer available at K-Mart

It looks like the Augen Gentouch tablet is no longer available at K-Mart. This tablet surprised consumers late last  month when it was released at K-Mart for only $150, but failed to impress many people. On top of that, news had leaked out earlier this week that the new tablet was running a pirated version of Google’s OS, which may have been what caused the retailer to stop selling the device.

According to the forum post, a consumer who had ordered the tablet online received a cancellation notice in his email. They state:

The cancellation email did not include a reason but did include an 800 number to call to ask why. I decided to do just that. The sales rep was very helpful in trying to locate more tablets in their different stock systems but was unable to find anything. After checking that she decided to find out when more were going to be in stock only to learn that it appears there will not be more in stock. They are out “indefinitely”.

Easy come, easy go, I suppose.

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Android Recieves Free RepairPal App

Do you have a lot of car issues? Do you worry about not getting a fair quote when you head into the shop due to inexperience? Well worry no longer! RepairPal gives rough estimates on repair costs on over 40 different cars, finds you a repair shop, and can even get you roadside assistance if necessary! Originally on the iPhone, the company decided to jump on board the “Fastest Growing Mobile Platform.” Yep, that would be Android! The full press release is after the break. Do you use the RepairPal website? Have you been waiting for this moment to come? You can pick up the app with the QR code below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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T-Mobile Pulse Finally Gets 2.1 Update in UK

Months after other countries have seen the update, the Pulse from T-Mobile has finally gotten its 2.1 update. If you have the phone and haven’t gotten the update, you can download it HERE. The phone has a 3.5 inch screen, and is offered as a pay-as-you-go option. Key features include free texting for life, as well as 6 months of free internet. Although it is easily dwarfed by the current elite smartphones, it is still an excellent option for those a little strapped for cash. With the 2.1 update now, if you’re in the UK, why not? Let us know in the comments!

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