Blurrycam shots leak of Dell Streak running Android 2.2 Froyo

What Android user doesn’t love some Froyo? We all crave it (perhaps not as much as some Gingerbread, though), and Dell Streak users are no exception. While we have no official word from Dell as to when this might happen, what we do have is a leaked shot of what appears to be Froyo running on the Streak.

According to StreakSmart, what we’re looking at right now is a beta build, which obviously means it still has a lot of kinks to be worked out. However, we have heard of benchmark results from this build, which include:

  • 32.331 MFLOPS on Linpack
  • 34.5 FPS on NeoCore

Even with Froyo on the way, though, we know that it’s only a matter of time before users start clamoring for some nice, warm Gingerbread.

Be sure to hit the break to see the full gallery of shots, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Samsung Galaxy S getting official Froyo update in UK?

We’re getting various reports that some UK Samsung Galaxy S users are getting their official updates to Android 2.2 through Kies. We’re still waiting on confirmation, but from the looks of things, Samsung may be well on their way to getting some Froyo goodness to their UK fans. Keep your eyes here, and we’ll keep you updated.

To our UK users, are any of you getting the update? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks Tomi for sending this in!

How to update your Motorola Backflip to the 2.1 party, even if you didn’t get invited

Nobody likes bing left out, that’s a fact. Remember little Susie’s birthday party in 4th grade that she didn’t invite you to because you put worms in her lunchbox? No? Maybe that was just me then…

Anyway, thanks to the magic of the internet, you Motorola Backflip users don’t have to be left out of the upgrade party to 2.1, as we’ve got the scoop on how to get it and handle the update yourself. Hit the break to check out the instructions, and simultaneously show Motorola that you don’t appreciate the lack of an invite.

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Motorola seeking out testers for Android 2.1 on Motorola Backflip

We’ve heard about 2.1 rolling out to some Motorola users, and now the Backflip is up for slating. Some users are reporting that they have received emails from Motorola asking if they would be a willing participant in a test run for Android 2.1 on their Backflip. The number of desired testers being rolled around is 1,000. It’s always nice to see these updates take place in a test-first capacity, as it shows the manufacturer really wants to ensure their upgrade will function properly in real life situations. In lieu of the most recent Android statistics, it will also be good to see the Backflip get into the mainstream of the Android platform.

So stay tuned, Backflip users! Your upgrade to Eclair is more than likely coming soon! Be sure to read the text of the emails being sent out after the break, and don’t forget to let yus know what you think in the comments!

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Froyo and Eclair now take up 77% of Android devices

While there are still some devices out there that haven’t seen the light of Android 2.1+, it looks like the latest stats from the Android Developer Blog are showing that Eclair and Froyo are now taking up 77% of all Android devices. The breakdown goes as follows:

That puts the percentages at:

  • Android 1.5 – 7.9%
  • Android 1.6 – 15.0%
  • Android 2.1 – 40.8%
  • Android 2.2 – 36.2%

Altogether, it looks as though Google may finally be getting their Android fragmentation issues under control. As long as we continue to see these numbers moving in this direction, it will be a win-win situation for consumers.

[via Android Developer Blog]

How To: Use Your Phone’s Camera as a Webcam

Ever have one of those chats where you really need to show the person for them to understand but you just don’t have a webcam handy? Well then why not use your phone’s camera! With IP Webcam, your phone can broadcast its camera stream over WiFi to any network connected computer. You can simply watch the stream in a browser window, or you can install the plug in that allows programs such as Skype to access the stream as a normal USB webcam. Best of all, the app is free! Read on to get started:

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HTC Hero on TELUS updated to Android 2.1

While a lot of people are griping about whether or not their devices will be getting Froyo, most forget that there are still those waiting for an upgrade to Eclair. People like those who use an HTC Hero through TELUS. Well, Canadians, now is your time to shine, as HTC’s website is showing that the HTC Hero on TELUS is getting an upgrade to Android 2.1. While the device may be discontinued, there are still plenty of users who have been dying for this update.

The update includes (obviously) Android 2.1,  Google Maps Navigation, Multi-touch, Voice Dialer and more.

To check out the upgrade for yourself, be sure to head over to HTC and get your download on!

What do you think of the wait time for TELUS Hero users? Let us know in the comments!

[via intomobile]

Android Rant – Samsung, HTC, Motorola: Back Off!

Do you have an HTC phone? How about a Samsung or Motorola device? If so, a lot of you are familiar with the way manufacturers put their own overlays on user interfaces: HTC Sense, Motoblur, and TouchWiz are what I’m talking about here.

Today’s rant comes in by saying this: manufacturers need to back off on the custom UI overlays. I’m not saying I don’t like them. Heck, I do like at least one, HTC Sense. I have an HTC Hero, and I enjoy all the features that come with it, and think it’s great.That being said, I use a custom ROM that gives me a stock Android interface. What I have a problem with is the fact that manufacturers have a need to try and make these UI overlays mandatory. While I suppose it may be their choice to embed it so deeply on their devices, I feel that the manufacturers should make their overlays optional.

There are a couple of reasons I feel this should be done:

  1. UI Overlays delay the release of major Android updates. When a new update is available for Android, say, from 2.1 to 2.2, if you have a device using one of these overlays, you have to wait for the manufacturers to get the update and customize it to work with their proprietary UI. This forces consumers to have to live with bugs, device issues and speed lags even longer.
  2. Some consumers simply want the option to use vanilla (stock from Google) Android… myself included. I like the speed of it: much faster than the experience when using Sense. HTC Sense tends to eat up spare memory, and I’m not too keen on that.

Like I said, I’m not saying I don’t like these UI overlays. I simply think that the manufacturers should give users the options to shut off these overlays without having to hack their devices or download home screen replacements to do it. I know they’re probably just trying to keep us loyal, but hey – we already bought their device, shouldn’t that be enough? So, manufacturers, if you’re listening, take this to heart, and give us the freedom to choose what our open-source experience should look like.

Orange launches the San Francisco

Another day, another phone. Today’s daily dose of Android comes from European carrier, Orange. The phone is made by the hands of ZTE, and will run on Android 2.1, which is not so bad, considering this phone will not exactly be a “high-end” device. The phone, which has been dubbed “San Francisco” (um… okay?), will tout a 600MHz processor, along with a 3.5 inch OLED touchscreen, with a resolution of 400×800. Not too shabby for a mid-range device, but other specs, like a 3.2 megapixel camera, may make you hold onto your cash for a bit longer. The device will cost $154 on a pay as you go contract, so if any of you guys with Orange out there plan on springing the money for this device, be sure to let us know.

[via Engadget]

Droid Eris to be left behind in the race for Froyo

Here’s some sad, but not that surprising, news for all of you Droid Eris users out there. From the start, the Droid Eris never really got the attention that the more famous Motorola Droid got. It looks as though the Eris will be left behind in the move to Android 2.2. With the releases of newer Droids like the Incredible, Droid 2, and Droid X, it probably doesn’t come as a shock that Verizon has announced that the Eris will not be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo, and that Android 2.1 will be the end of updates for the device. So, it looks as though if you want Froyo on your Eris, you’ll have to go the rooted route, and get some custom ROM love.

[via Engadget]