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Netflix rolls out Super HD to all members


Netflix announced yesterday that they are rolling out their highest quality video streams, dubbed Super HD, to all users. When initially released, Super HD was only available to customers using an Internet service provider (ISP) that had a direct connection with Netflix. With this new change, Netflix members on a Netflix connected ISP will still get preferential treatment, but if users on other ISPs have the necessary hardware and sufficient bandwidth, they can enjoy Super HD as well. The Netflix Super HD stream is provided at a higher bit rate stream and less compression than the normal 1080p HD stream. Read more

Hulu Plus update brings 1080p resolution to Droid DNA, Galaxy S 4, and HTC One


Hulu released an update today to its popular Hulu Plus app, which reportedly promises increased playback resolution for three 1080p devices, including the Droid DNA, Galaxy S 4, and the HTC One. Unfortunately, there’s only a small amount of content on Hulu that’s actually in 1080p so this news doesn’t come off as big as it could be. There wasn’t really any other information given about the update, so this is all we have for now. Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store. Read more

More Samsung Galaxy S IV and S II Plus specs leak, announcement rumored for CES 2013

With the era of 1080p, quad-core phones approaching us, Samsung appears ready to unveil the next iteration of its extremely successful Galaxy series: the Galaxy S IV. Samsung’s latest entry to its Galaxy S line is rumored to sport a 5-inch, 1080p display, quad-core Exynos Adonis processor and a 13MP camera. The specs alone positions it to rival HTC’s DROID DNA and LG’s Optimus G series.

In addition to the news of the S IV, a Galaxy S II Plus is also mentioned. Among the noteworthy features of the Galaxy S II Plus are items like a qHD display and Jellybean running the show. For most customers, it should satisfy those looking for a lower cost alternative to the pricier top-tier phones of today. Its announcement is slated for late December to January.

Source: Unwired View

Lenovo moves into the 1080p party with a 5-inch, dual-sim superphone

It looks like the era of 720p smartphone screens may already be behind us as manufacturers like Sharp, HTC, Oppo and others usher in a new era of 1080p displays for the next batch of superphones. My how technology advances!

According to Engadget, Lenovo has decided to join the 1080p party with a 5-inch, dual-sim superphone that runs on China Telecom’s CDMA2000 network and China Mobile’s 2G network simultaniously. Screenshots of the phone that were posted to Sina Weibo earlier in the week (but since taken down) seem to indicate that Lenovo’s offering will come with a slightly skinned version of Android (probably of the 4.0 kind). According to the source, the phone has been in testing for quite some time and could be set for release any day now.

1080p screens should have Android fans everywhere salivating, as even our own Robert Nazarian claimed that it’s truly a sight to behold. Now if we can only come up with the battery technology to feed those power-hungry beasts.

Anyone planning on getting a 1080p phone next year? Do you think 1080 pixels is overkill?

Source: Engadget

Sharp to capitalize on own large screen with Sharp Aquos SH930W, but early review not so great

This week’s official announcement regarding the release of the DROID DNA from HTC continued a trend we have seen of manufacturers pushing the limits of screen size and resolution. The DROID DNA’s 5-inch 1080p display produced by Sharp is certainly an eye-catching feature of the new handset. Sharp appears to want to be able to get in the market with its own device sporting the top of the line LCD they produce, which is why they are working on a Sharp Aquos SH930W smartphone. Read more

LG Set To Introduce A 5-Inch Display With 1080p HD Res And 440ppi Pixel Density

LG is all geared up to make their mark in the display department with the recent announcement of a new 1080p HD mobile display.  And though Toshiba holds the top spot for a highest pixel density on a mobile device, LG’s new display boasts a decent 440ppi.  With a 16:9 aspect ratio, the design was clearly made with HD on the brain.  The display itself will house a new variant of IPS, called Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching (AH-IPS).  The new version of IPS is supposed to provide wider viewing angles and faster response times.  In addition, one can expect an increase in brightness efficiency.  Availability for the new tech is reported to be around the second half of this year on a 5-inch display and looks to completely crush the competition, which are Retina displays.  Check out the full presser after the break for more details.

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Further specs surface for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Tech sites worldwide are ablaze with the surge of news coming in from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however ironically it’s a device that we definitely will not be seeing unveiled in Sunny Spain that continues to dominate the headlines.

Earlier today we brought you the news that BGR had released some juicy titbits on Samsung’s forthcoming flagship device, the Galaxy SIII. BGR disocvered that the much-hyped super phone is set to be an ultra-thin, waterproof, ceramic coated unit packing a 4.8″ display that will launch simultaneously in 50 countries worldwide. As much as this information is more than enough to pique our interests, the latest rumours will blow your socks off.

BGR has stepped up to the plate yet again with a few more pieces of the jigsaw and all signs point towards the Galaxy SIII being the most stylish and most powerful Android smartphone to date. The highlights are :


  • 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos processor
  • 4.8″ 1080p Full HD screen
  • 8MP rear camera and 2MP  front camera
  • Ceramic casing
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4G LTE
So there you have it, the Galaxy SIII is set to be an absolute monster of a phone and really build on the already stellar reputation of the Galaxy brand. As I see it, all that’s left to ask is where and when can I get one. Stay tuned in to TalkAndroid for further developments as they arrive.source : BGR

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Going For £460 When It Releases

The Taiwanese company Acer, is enticing many a tablet buyer with Iconia Tab A700‘s impressive specs. Breaking back in November, the 1920×1200, 1080p displayed 1.3GHz Tegra 3 tablet  is certainly turning heads. However, there wasn’t a word on how much this tablet would be going for. Well, that changes as the German web site Tablet Test has listed the A700 for €549 for the 16GB model and €749 for the 64GB model or £460 ($720) and £630 ($982) in the UK respectively.

While this may be a bit pricy the specs are certainly worth it. Acer is looking to push past its lackluster sales performance with the A500 and is looking to throw its weight around with the best of them with the A700. Only time will tell, and we will have to wait and see when we see it’s release in quarter two of this year.


Turn Your TV into an Android 2.3 Internet TV with iGoGo TV

I have been interested in Google TV for a while but convincing my sweetie that I need to turn our TV into a giant Android device is well, darn near impossible. Given Google’s announcements at CES this year regarding its TV service and who they would be partnered with, it wouldn’t be long before more devices hit the market. Well this device was brought to my attention earlier this afternoon and after looking at it I think it could be something worth looking into. Magic-Pro iGoGo TV looks to turn your TV into a full Android 2.3.1 tablet of sorts. It has the following specs:  Read more

Sony’s New Jewel Arrives At CES, Introduces The Xperia Ion

Just like that CES is kicking into full gear. Normally when you think of high-end smartphones, Verizon and Sprint immediately come to mind with their lineup of Android monster phones. However, AT&T is looking to make a statement… and it’s a major one too. Newly rejuvenated Sony is set to change consumers’ perceptions of their Android devices and they’re doing just that by unleashing a new LTE-based monster called the Xperia Ion. The phone will feature some very attractive specifications:

  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 4.6-inch HD screen with 1280 x 720 resolution; 1080P full HD video recording ability
  • 12MP camera(!!!!!)
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • Front-facing camera with ability to record video in 720P
  • Gingerbread 2.3 (device will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 later in the year)

Oh and since this phone is a Sony phone, that means it gets nice perks too being under the Sony umbrella. How about official Playstation certification for starters? Yes, you read that right— the phone is a Playstation-certified phone meaning Sony plans to bring Playstation-exclusive games that will be optimized for the phone. That means we’ll be able to get in on some Gran Turismo 4 or Crash Bandicoot on the cool phone in the very near-future. Oh and there’s some more: the phone supports the Sony Entertainment Network which includes the Music Unlimited (which includes a catalog of 12 million songs) and Video Unlimited content streaming and rental services. Are you guys salivating yet?

Hit the break for Sony’s full presser. Read more