BESTEK 8-outlet desktop surge protector review

BESTEK is a company that’s incredibly familiar with power products, ranging from power inverters to surge protectors to car chargers. They make a few vacuum cleaners, lamps, and other little gadgets, too.

We don’t have time to show off vacuums and electric toothbrushes, but we can dig into one of BESTEK’s most advanced surge protectors. This particular power strip offers eight regular plugs, six USB ports, and 1500 joules of surge protection in a well-designed tower, but is that worth your hard earned cash? Let’s find out.

When you imagine a surge protector or power strip, you probably think about plain strips that lay flat on the ground. They roll around unless you tie them to a desk or use some adhesive to keep them on the floor, and they’re a pain to deal with if you’re using multiple adapters that take up lots of space.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to figure out how to fit all of your chargers and plugs on a power strip because one was too big and it used up another perfectly good port.

Yep. You can put your hand down now.

The BESTEK surge protector completely solves that problem by stuffing eight ports in a four-sided tower. Each side gets two ports for your computers, chargers, televisions, PlayStations, you name it. All the ports are totally grounded and easily accessible no matter what.

On two corners, you’ll also get three USB ports for a total of six ports that each can charge up to 2.4 amps for fast charging your mobile devices.

To top things off, you’ll get a few LED lights indicating that your devices are both protected and grounded, and there’s a light indicator underneath the side buttons letting you know that that particular group of plugs is active. You can manually turn sections of the protector off, which can be useful if you’ve got things you don’t want running overnight.

So, as a space saving power strip, how well does it work? Really, really well, honestly.

Instead of something dragged out along the floor, you get a (relatively) small gadget that can be functionally tucked into a corner. It’s much easier to plan out a cable management project with the BESTEK protector as opposed to your regular strip.

On top of that, six fast-charging USB ports mean you don’t need to waste precious ports with wall blocks and adapters. Short of a full-blown entertainment center, you’ll have a hard time running out of space with this little guy.

The actual cable that plugs into the wall is thick and durable with a built-in velcro strap, and overall build quality is top notch.

In fact, some parts of it feel too well built. That might sound silly, but the protective door for each plug (that blue color you see behind the plugs) can be tough to press in with a grounded cable, but anything with just two prongs can be extremely difficult to fully insert into plug because the grounded prong isn’t helping to push the door in. I struggled with this and ended up using a pen to push in the door and get the device plugged up, but sticking pens in wall outlets is exactly what we were told not to do growing up.

After a few plug-ins and removals, the doors seemed to loosen up and moving things around was much easier, so it’s really only a problem you’ll have during your first setup.

All in all, the BESTEK surge protector is extremely well designed, well built, and useful. It offers a pretty high 1500 joules of protection from power surges and tons of ports and plugs, but it also commands a much higher price tag than your typical surge protector at $39.

You can find other protectors with more protection in the same price range, but you lose the flexible design and sheer number of ports. Other devices with an equal number of ports costs about the same, but you lose the integrated USB ports and, again, that design that actually lets you use all of your ports. However, there are some surge protectors that do offer things like ethernet ports that you don’t get with BESTEK.

So is it worth it? I’d say so. There a few small drawbacks, and extreme power users that need to protect a bigger variety of devices may want to look elsewhere, but for the average user that just needs some more outlets and phone chargers and wants something that doesn’t look awful, BESTEK seems like they nailed it.

As a bonus, you can use the coupon code ZY3FFGC8 to save $9 on your order.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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