Warning: 3D Stunt Marbles Pro for Android is highly addictive [Hands On Video]

Last month I reviewed 3D Stunt Marbles, but it was just a preview version. They just released the official version a few days ago, and it’s as awesome as I expected. For now, there’s 15 brand new levels or destinies as they call it, but the developer, DMW Media, is promising updates with at least five new destinies per month.

Basically it’s a physics game in which you use your phone or tablet’s accelerometer to negotiate your marble around obstacles including ramps, ledges, tunnels, half-pipes and more. You must roll over each gem to complete the level. This new Pro version adds more detailed layouts, camera controls to change your viewing angle, and night time settings.

3D Stunt Marbles Pro is only .99 cents which is cheap considering how much fun you’re going to have with it. They even threw in a second game called 3D Flick Bowling, but honestly, I haven’t even tried it yet because 3D Stunt Marbles is so good. Checkout my hands on video after the break.

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