Traffic Wonder HD for Android is a creative and challenging puzzler that’s also very addicting [Hands on Video]

For those of you that like puzzle games, I’ve got a treat for you. It’s called Traffic Wonder HD. It was released a couple of days ago in the Amazon app store for $1.49, but after a short delay, it’s now live in the Play Store for .99 cents.  The goal is simple, but the task isn’t. You are given a certain number of vehicles, and you need to figure out what the best route is for each one to get to their respective destination or garage. I say the “best route” because there are two other issues at hand, which is what makes this game so challenging. The first is that none of the vehicles can collide with each other and the second is you have to use the least amount of fuel. For each vehicle, you trace the path that you want it to take to get to its garage. After you have completed the paths for all the vehicles, you hit the play button and watch the results. Hopefully you won’t burn too much fuel and none of the cars collide with each other. If either of those happens, and it most likely will, you go back to the drawing board.

It’s a unique twist on maze games, but trust me this one is more difficult. In a normal maze game you try to figure out how to get A to B and there is only one path. In Traffic Wonder, you’re presented with a bunch of roads (the maze), but you have to guide A to B, C to D, E to F, and so on. There are many paths that each car can take to get them to the end point, but figuring out the best path while avoiding accidents and conserving fuel is where things get really interesting. There is even one more twist in that each vehicle is not the same. There are both cars and trucks of various sizes, which means the cars travel faster than the trucks and burn fuel at a different rate. There are also other elements that get added along the way like the ability to throw in a stop sign to slow down certain cars to avoid an accident, fuel stations, and packages that can be picked up by respective cars for bonus points.

If there is one negative it’s that it’s really only compatible with tablets. The minimum requirements on the Play Store pages says Android 2.2 and up, but in their description they say the following: “note it is a HD game, it works better on tablets” I did try it on my Galaxy Nexus and it didn’t display correctly. You can certainly try it if you only have a phone because you will definitely know if it works within the refund window. Hopefully they will issue an update or come out with another version so that everyone can get in on the fun.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of playing Traffic Wonder for a couple of weeks before the official release. I get approached a lot to try different apps and games, but this is one game where I knew I was going to love, and I wasn’t disappointed. If you have any interest in maze games, you will love it too, and the fact that there are 60 levels (with more promised), you know there is longevity with it. Trust me when I tell you that after the first few easy levels, this game gets challenging in a hurry. If you still aren’t convinced, then check out my hands on video for a better understanding of how brilliant this games is. I’ve also included download links for the Play Store for your convenience as well.



Play Store Download Link


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Emoneyasanka

    it is very easy and funny………by 
    TECH +++

  • Curt

    Nice video….. glad to see a video of this game because I more than likely would not get it. But I need to wait until I get home to purchase it from the Market errrrr play store.

  • Stacy Bruce

    I LOVE this game!!! I had the luxury of early beta testing and now I am hooked :-D

  • Curt

    I did buy this game after I got home

    Addicting as hell

    and also a lot of fun