Today’s Free Amazon App: Pool Bar HD

Today’s free Amazon app, Pool Bar HD, is a pretty fun billiards game with lifelike gameplay and super realistic sounds. After downloading this game this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that playing was quite fun and rather addicting. I guess it didn’t hurt that I cleaned the table in one run on my first attempt at playing the game on the easy level so for the second round I decided to play as expert.

Unlike the easy setting, expert mode was void of any visual aids to help in determine ball travel, where easy mode shows you a short travel line that your ball will follow, and articulates when you set up aim for your shot. With those aiming guides gone I had a much more difficult time and it made the game seem a bit more realistic. Speaking of realistic, the game has a few features that when used properly can emulate a real game of pool. At each shot you can chose to add spin to the cue ball by selecting where the cue will make contact. I had a hell of a time doing this successfully but I liken that to my lack of having any real life pool skills, those of you sharks out there may know exactly what to do. You can also really crank the ball or just give it a gentle tap depending on how fast you swipe your finger. Over all, the physics used in the game seem to be spot-on with the real deal.

There are a few game modes available in this app, US 8 ball, 9 ball US, and 8 ball UK as well as the option for one or two players. The graphics are great and the soundtrack could even fool you into believing that you were actually in a bar. For some reason the app has gotten some bad reviews on Amazon and I couldn’t figure out why, everything seemed to work properly and I enjoyed playing. I’m not sure what you should expect from a pool game, there isn’t a bunch of shoot-em’ up action or anything, so if fast paced games are your cup of tea then this one might not be for you.

Usually after I get done reviewing the free Amazon app of the day, I generally delete it from my phone. In this case I think I will let it ride for a while and I imagine that I will pull this one out from time to time for some quick Pool Bar action. To check out Pool Bar HD for yourself, hit the link below. If you need help with installing Amazon apps then hit up our help page for assistance. Give er’ a download and let us know what you think!

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    Wacks your battery. Costs £0.62 via Market. Has scant instructions but a good enough challenge for me on beginner mode.

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