TiKL Touch to Talk App, A Must Have Free Download For All Android Devices

Have there ever been times when you were in a rush, or your hands were full, and you wanted to reach out to someone over the phone to relay a quick message? Of course you could just place a phone call, but that means you will have to find the persons contact or dial the number and wait for them to answer, only to have a couple minute conversation when you only wanted to say, “bring your own booze!” The next best option for many of you would be to send a text message, but that even requires multiple screen presses (not to mention typing out the message if you aren’t the type to use Android’s voice-to-text feature). A very simple and free solution to making brief and to the point contact is, TiKL, the Android app that allows you to turn your phone into a walkie talkie (as long as the person you are tying to reach has the app as well).

Taking it back to the old school days when people would use the touch to talk feature on their NexTel phones, TiKL does pretty much the same thing but with added features. TiKL works over a data connection (VoIP), so as long as you have any form of data connection you can reach out to friends without using minutes or texts. You can even reach out to friends on any network over any platform, including iOS and Window’s devices, whether its a smartphone or a tablet. When you “push to talk”, your voice is sent in real time so there is no real wait between communication via one-to-one or even group messaging.

A few of TiKL’s great features include being able to send text, pictures and even videos all the while keeping an ongoing stream of activity just like text messaging provides. When you are trying to reach someone, the app produces a handy blue or red screen to let you know if the user is available or unavailable before you inadvertently interrupt someone during class. If for some reason you still need to reach out when someone is busy, they will receive your message as soon as they become available again. If you want to reach somebody who doesn’t have the app yet, TiKL will recognize that the phone number belongs to a non-user and allows you to send a text message with links for them to download the app for free. A very handy feature for getting all of your friends on-board the TiKL train.

With almost 132,000 reviews in the Android Market, TiKL has maintained a 4 1/2 star rating, a sure sign that these guys got a gem on their hands. I am sure many of you have already heard about this app and use it on a daily basis, but for those who don’t, as soon as you download the app I am sure that you will. This has got to be one of  my most frequented Android apps and the one I recommend more than any others. The experience is polished, flawless, and the developers have provided ways to customize the app to your specific needs. If you are still reading at this point and haven’t done your own Android Market search already, I suggest hitting one of the links below for your free download. If you end up giving it a shot, or even if you’re an old TiKL pro, let us know what you think about the app in the comments below.

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About the Author: Stacy Bruce

Stacy Bruce was born and raised in Spokane Washington. He attended the University of Washington to study pre-med only to change his course study a year later to forensic science. Although currently not a doctor or a scientist, some believe he posseses the knowledge of both. He was a resident of San Diego California for ten years, lived beachside and sometimes wonders why the hell he moved back to Spokane. A multi-talented man, Stacy is a fabricator, an artist, a gear head, a tech junkie and at most, the disciple of Casanova. Growing up, he was always enthralled with electronics, gadgets and gizmos. Throughout his life he has had one, if not two, of every cool and new electronic device available. He began his smartphone experience with the original iPhone. After realizing it was more like theirPhone, he decided he wanted the ability to customize, so Stacy moved to the OG Droid and has been a loyal Android fanatic ever since. Moving through all of the top tier Verizon phones, he recently retired his Droid Charge in favor of the Galaxy Nexus, only to wonder what great device Samsung will come out with next. Stacy is a busy new homeowner in where he lives with his beautiful girlfriend and two dogs.

  • http://www.411droid.com Tyler

    Great app, use it regularly with a girlfriend of mine. Occasionally voice cuts out, but other than that its awesome!  

  • Susan

    must have facebook on device,.. poor