Speaktoit Assistant Gives Both Apple and Siri a Run For Their Money

When Siri first came out Apple touted both its functionality and personality. The Apple vs. Android fanboy groups battled back and forth at this feature; some saying that Apple came up with something monumental and others saying that Android had this all along, minus the personality part. Some developers even went as far as to create Iris, the Siri-spelled-backwards clone with her own personality. While this one seems to be the one that is getting the most attention, it’s not the only contender out there for personal assistant apps. Speaktoit Assistant is another one of these apps that you should certainly check out.

What sets this app apart is that, besides humor and information, Speaktoit offers both avatar and voice customization. I currently have my avatar rocking dark hair, glasses and a British accent. What can I say, I am a sucker for a brunette with a foreign accent. However, what sets this apart is the fact that the voices don’t sound so computer generated. They do have the Siri-esque voice, two “American” and two “British” voices. Both come in male and female versions. You can customize the look of your avatar and when you ask the assistant various questions their expressions change based on their reaction and response. The app itself works really well. It knew where I was in regards to weather information and map searching.

While I haven’t played with this app enough to give it a full review, it is a noteworthy application. For those that want to give it a try I would hit the link following the break or check out the QR code on your device. Still not convinced? Check out both the YouTube video and  gallery. If you have tried it out, let us know what you think in the comments section below. 





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About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Guestpost

    You say…
    “While I haven’t played with this app enough to give it a full review, it is a noteworthy application”What made you declare that this app gives Apple and Siri a run for their money?
    Did your brains slip further down from your knees? 

  • Ashishdhiman23

    I dont think it is such a great app as you have declared in your article.

  • http://play-frogger.com/ frogger

    I’m gonna have to try this app.

  • http://twitter.com/franjados_com franjados .com

    I don ‘t think siri is such a good application to start with…

    • http://bezahlte-umfragen-geld-verdienen.de url.de

      True, its just a hyped spin off…

  • Alantodd67

    I’m loving this app after having 3 friends shove Siri down my throat for weeks its great to get one back

  • Winston

    THIS APP IS AWESOME. My brother recently joined the Apple legion, adopting a new infatuation with Siri and all her mysterious borderline frightening intelligence.
    I am so happy that I now can one up THEM. What’s more is that not only can you adjust the speed of her/his responses, but Sam (the name of the assistant) can literally do just about anything. She does everything from set up your alarms for you (she even adds the title “set up by your assistant” to your alarm) to translating what you tell her into a different language to making calculations. She even has a knack for giving you realistic sly remarks depending on what you ask her. It’s almost angering how real her personality is, too. And she maintains it well.
    All in all, this is a phenomenal app. You’ve got to check it out.