Samsung+ is premier customer service right on Galaxy devices


Strong customer service just isn’t easy to come by these days, but Samsung is trying to change the game by bringing all the help you need to the phone you’re already using. With the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the company relaunched its customer service app with a fresh coat of paint and an array of new features. Samsung+ is an all-in-one app that encourages you to get the most out of your Galaxy device, so it covers everything from customer service with live support to device diagnostics to exclusive deals to workshops. There’s almost nothing that you won’t find on Samsung+.

Editor’s Note: Samsung+ support is limited to a select group of Galaxy phones and tablets; therefore, the app may not be operable on your device.


When you launch Samsung+ for the first time, it’ll greet you with a brief walk-through of the layout. It’s quite necessary, though, because the app is well-made and rather self-explanatory. There’s little room for confusion when using this app.

Centered at the very top of the main menu is your device’s name, and just beneath that is your name and location. Every time the app launches, you’ll be brought to the same menu with the For You section starting off. The For You section is, as the title suggests, a place where you get recommended items from Samsung to jump into. Most of them are tips and tricks to get the most out of your device.


The Explore section is for educating you on your device’s capabilities and maximizing its performance. Different categories here are Life Hack, Getting Started, Featured, Community Buzz, and Do More. All of them show you what others are doing with their devices and how you can achieve the same results.

Personally, I think the Life Hack category is the best among the five. Newbies will easily learn what to do with their device, and seasoned veterans get a reminder of what’s possible. These aren’t tricks that tell you something so basic. They’re outlines for specific situations and activities that happen to involve your device.

The other categories, too, are useful, but I just find Life Hack to be the most valuable.


Slide on over to the Community section if you want to engage in intelligent conversations with your fellow Galaxy owners. The forums accept posts on every category Samsung is in, so this isn’t just a place to discuss phone, tablets, and wearables. You can also chat about televisions, home appliances, and and more products that Samsung develops.


Want to see if Samsung already has the answer to your question? The Answers section is for that.. sort of. This section lists a bunch of topics; however, it doesn’t seem complete. The majority of the sections have one item within them, and it’s probably not the topic you were seeking to get information on.Not sure what’s going on there. Here’s to hoping someone from Samsung sees this review and gets that section changed or removed as soon as possible.


With the Diagnostics section, Samsung+ effectively puts the mountain of third-party alternatives to the ground. The app will scan your device, provide feedback on the data collected, and offer recommendations.This section tells you when your device is going to run out of battery, which things you change to optimize battery life, how much data you’ve been using, the speed of your LTE or WiFi connection, and the amount of storage available.Head into the Play Store and you’ll see countless apps offering to do this stuff for you, but Samsung is cutting out the need for them through Samsung+.

The app’s killer feature is live support. Live Help is the section where you get options to contact Samsung’s global support team, and you know you’ll be able to get someone at any time because support by phone is available around the clock. Video chat support, meanwhile, runs from 8:00AM – 11:00PM ET.If you choose to get support by phone, Samsung+ will automatically redirect you to your Phone app with Samsung’s support number already inputted. But, if you choose video chat, you’ll stay in the same app and get a bunch of options. Video chat support allows you to speak, see, and talk to, and message your Samsung customer support representative.

Although I’m very familiar with using Samsung’s phones by now, I tried out video chat support to see whether or not the company is ready to deliver superior customer service. Guess what I found out? Samsung+ has something called Samsung Assist that allows agents to control your device remotely to show you exactly how to do something. The agent completed my test, which was based on an inquiry about wanting to set up and use S Health.Seeing Samsung+ take over my Galaxy S7 Edge to show me what’s going on blew me away.

Always present is a floating button at the bottom right that, when selected, brings up shortcuts to the app’s primary functions. Samsung also implemented a slideout menu from the left side that shows your member status, the devices you own, any workshops you’re signed up for, and settings. This is why I said before it’s almost impossible to get lost using Samsung+.


Chances are you already have Samsung+ installed on your phone or tablet if your device is a supported model; therefore, there’s no reason to avoid using the app. You’re guaranteed to find out something you didn’t know before, and live support is only seconds away from helping you get through any trouble you’re experiencing.

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  • Jacob Bondt

    What customer service from Samsung,they don’t know what the word means .You’re the worst Samsung!

    • Justin_Herrick

      I completely disagree, but I can understand where you’re coming from if you’ve had bad experiences. But I’ve dealt with Samsung before Samsung+ and now after, and I’ve found them to be very engaging and helpful.