Review: Frisbee Forever Makes Tossing Frisbees Fun Again

When you think of the frisbee, you think of some good times: tossing the plastic disc at the park with your dog, your friends at the beach or in a heated battle of frisbee golf. While the game is no doubt fun in real life, how does it fare on Android? Two words: it’s awesome. Thanks to Frisbee Forever’s simple concept, addictive gameplay and solid graphics, Frisbee Forever is no doubt one of the most underrated and addictive games out there in gaming world.

The game features a big punch in a small package. Developed by Kiloo Games, the game allows you to play in 12 worlds (plus a bonus world) featuring 10 levels each trying to navigate your frisbee through what is a surprisingly challenging, but cute obstacle course collecting as many stars as possible which helps you level up and buy new cool frisbees. Challenging isn’t a bad thing either— you’ll have to navigate your way around by literally steering your frisbee through the level. This is done by using tilt or tap controls— which both feel incredibly awkward at first, but once you get the hang of the feel, you’ll be a pro in no time flat. The graphics are a major plus too– there are nice details and colorful animations that can be found on both the tablet and smartphone versions of the game. If there’s one minor quirk, it’s the soundtrack— lots of developers seem to be lazy by having a simple track loop over and over and over and over. I found myself having to mute the sound and play my own music in the background in order to get me in a bit of a groove with the game. At least the sound effects are decent.

Despite the mundane soundtrack, Frisbee Forever is a great game that all Android gamers will enjoy. But be forewarned, there’s a slight learning curve, so be ready to spend a short while learning how to get a feel for the game before dismissing it. The game is free for all Android 2.1+ devices, so be sure to give the game a whirl by hitting the Play Store link or the QR code below.

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About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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