Review: DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket for tablets [Hands On Video]

Last year, DirecTV brought NFL Sunday Ticket to phones, but this year they have added support for Honeycomb tablets. This is a must app for NFL football fans. There is one big limitation in that you must be a subscriber to DirecTV along with the NFL Sunday Ticket and To-Go subscription, but if you really like football, chances are that you are already a subscriber.

The layout is straight forward and simple. You have quick access to all the games going on as well as scores, time left, etc. for each game. Games can easily be selected and can be viewed in full screen or in a smaller screen that allows you to see current stats and scores for other games. You can watch any game that is part of the NFL Sunday Ticket as well as the Red Zone Channel which constantly switches from game to game that involve teams that have entered the red zone (inside the opponents 20-yard line).

This app is a target to those that are on the go and always away from their home, but I find it great when you are home as well. If you are doing a project in your house where there isn’t a TV, you can load it up and be able to watch your favorite team. If you are on the couch watching your favorite team, you can use it to watch other games without the need to change the channel on your big screen. If you don’t own a tablet, you can still use your phone, but you need to download the phone-specific version. Download links and quick hands on video after the break.

Tablet version Android Market download

Phone version Android Market download

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Damon

    I use a similar app on my iPad to stream my shows and games, but through my employer DISH Network. I have the DISH Remote Access app and I prefer to use it over any other. Like the DirecTV app, it lets me control my DVR using my iPad, and I can set recordings as well. Where the DISH Remote Access app is different is I can watch my channels on my iPad! I don’t mean the On Demand things that have a limited selection; I can watch live TV or see my recordings just as I would see it on my TV, uncluding all my sports! Best of all, I can take it anywhere I want and still be able to watch TV. So even though it is cool that DirecTV has added more features on their app, I would much prefer the DISH Remote Access app!