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What does the average Android user think of when they hear of a news reader app? They think of something like Pulse Reader or even Google’s little app. Well friends, developer MOBILESREPUBLIC wants Android users to know their News Republic app is a viable alternative to other news reader apps out there. It may not be the flashiest app and it lacks key features, but read on to see why the app is a must-have for all Android users as well as the Market and QR code links.

Now you must be wondering how it works. Well, you have top stories being fed to you depending on your interests. Sounds simple because it is simple. When you open the app, you’ll notice there’s two main tabs: “Top News” and “my News” (there’s also an “All News” tab which allows you to view both story types combined). Users will ultimately find themselves using the my News tab in order to customize the news feeds to their liking. You’ll notice that instead of having sources that feed you articles, you have the option to search for news by keywords or topics. Many of you are wondering what I mean– let me elaborate. You think of a topic or keyword, go into your my News tab, do a search of your topic or keyword, and view the various articles based off the results of the search.

Sounds great and all, but there is one catch– and it’s a big one. While users can find news off topics they want, the actual news sources are limited to just 12. Granted, these are 12 of the most respected and reputable news wires in the world, but users will not be able to have feeds of their favorite websites and blogs (such as Talk Android). This is important because most of these news wires simply cannot cover all topics within topics. For example, you may not hear news about your favorite sportspeople in your favorite sport, Android rumors in general Android news, or even news within your own neighborhood. It’s certainly not a deal-breaker as you will be guaranteed pure objective news for general topics. However users must be aware of this distinction.

If you’re looking for a sexy interface, you won’t find it here. You have your standard fluid transitions, basic icons, and generic blue and white color scheme (save for the red and white icon which we will go into more detail later). While I am admittedly one who is won over by an attractive UI, I actually appreciate the simplicity of NR’s interface. The UI makes it easy to create categories based off of your preferred topics by simply starring any of the results based off your search criteria. There are no extra graphics to distract from an article and articles are easy to view and read on my smartphone. Moreover, the app makes it easy to be interactive with friends by allowing you the ability to share articles via any one of your social media apps on your device. Or if you choose to, you can save articles to your phone and always view them later.

Now remember the remember the red and white icon briefly mentioned earlier? It’s perhaps the coolest feature of the app. Essentially, this is a link feature. Let’s elaborate– when you view an article, there are undoubtedly subtopics that somehow relate to that article. You tap the icon and will find many other related keywords and articles to the original article you were viewing. The related topics show up in the form of a 3D sphere allowing you to view a world of topics. Very cool, right?

News Republic is again a must-have app. Sure it has the most painfully basic UI and has just 12 news sources it’s limited to. Oh and you can’t sync your saved articles between devices (meaning if you save an article on your phone, but want to view it on your tablet, it’s not possible). Don’t let that deter you from using this app on a regular basis. The app does a fine job of feeding pure, reputable, and objective news to Android users. Moreover, NR has innovative features such as feeding users pure news based off any and every topic as well as being able to find related articles off original ones. The point is make sure you grab it today. You can find News Republic for free in Market now or using the QR code below.

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