Monopoly: A Fun Spin on Real Estate

If you’ve ever had a hankering to be in touch with your inner child, look no further than Monopoly by EA Games. This blast from the past expertly brings all the fun from the original board game into your Android device. No detail has been overlooked. The game has kept me from taking out the trash or washing the dishes on more than one occasion (shhh, don’t tell my husband!). The developer has done such a great job that I guarantee you will become totally engrossed in your quest for real estate domination. The only thing missing is some colorful cash. You can choose to play with others on the same device, or against the computer’s artificial intelligence. The classic game pieces are animated with their own little quirks and movements. All your favorite properties are there, too – from Boardwalk to Pennsylvania Railroad. The developer didn’t miss any customizable detail. You can turn on shake-to-roll, change your Pass Go salary or decide whether to own any properties from the start. There are nine languages to choose from, and each language brings different property names from the respective countries.

A possible future addition that I would like to see is the capability to play opponents online. This would open up a whole new aspect of Monopoly, whether you’re playing against your friend living on the other side of town or a randomly assigned opponent on the other side of the country.

It’s not everyday that you come across an app that delivers on nearly all fronts. Some of us were lucky enough to get it for free with the Amazon app of the day, but I dare say it is definitely worth the $4.99 to purchase.


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About the Author: Emily Aquin

Emily is a Canadian who now lives in Dallas, Texas. She came south of the border to pursue her violin career, and study at Indiana University, Bloomington. She continued her journey south to University of North Texas. Emily doesn’t like to admit that she was prancing around in her own little iPhone 3G bubble, until her husband decided it was time to wake up and join Google’s Rebel Alliance. She’s never looked back. She now spends countless hours playing with her Android phone and tablet. Emily plays violin in several orchestras in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and also teaches violin lessons. She is happy to be writing for TalkAndroid.

  • Flux

    No Old Kent Road? No Mayfair? No way!
    Without the addition of London (a small skin) they’ve alienated thousands of potential customers. I ain’t buying.

    • Emily A

      They actually have the London version within this version of Monopoly! You just have to choose UK English when you’re loading the game. Old Kent Road and Mayfair are there for the taking!