Marble Droid brings amazing 3D playgrounds that will keep you entertained for hours [Hands on Video]

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed 3D Stunt Marbles, which is a cool game, but if you’re looking for something conceptually the same, but a little different, the folks over at Zebralightning Studios just released Marble Droid.

With 3D Stunt Marbles it’s more about getting from point A to point B without rolling off the track. With Marble Droid, you want to get from point A to point B, but the maze or playground isn’t as dangerous. You need to figure out how to collect the orbs the fastest way possible. I say they aren’t dangerous, but I’ve only played 3 levels. The playgrounds include ramps, elevators, moving platforms, bumpers, boost pads, and even teleporters for warping to other parts of the playground. I found myself completely immersed in the playgrounds that Zebralightning Studios created, and I’ve only played three levels so far. I can only imagine how awesome the higher levels are going to be.

You can use the Accelerometer by tilting your phone or tablet (or an on screen joystick) to navigate your marble around the maze. You can even jump with a flicking motion. You can also easily change the camera angles by tapping on the the top, bottom, right or left sides.

Like many games (Angry Birds and Cut The Rope), you’re graded. While most games use stars, Marble Droid uses trophies. Just like those other games, you will unlock the next level by completing the current level (earning at least one trophy), but ultimately you want to get all three trophies to feel like you truly accomplished the level. The faster you do it, the more trophies you earn.

Marble Droid also adds OpenFeint support and the ability to unlock twenty different custom marble skins. For starters, there are 24 levels, and you can play easy, medium, and hard.

Marble Droid is one of those games you know you’re going to love before you actually play it. It costs $1.99 which is worth every penny. If you want to try it out, there is a demo version as well, but trust me, go right to the paid version because this game will give you hours and hours of fun. I’ve tried Marble Droid on the Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR MAXX, and the ASUS Transformer Prime. The only issue I had was with the Transformer Prime, and it was minor. The marble seemed to jump too easily, but of course that can be adjusted. Checkout my quick hands on video, and hit one of the links below to download.

Android Market Link – Demo Version

Android Market Link – Paid Version

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Juli

    Loooove this game! Best game I have on my android :)