Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Nia: Jewel Hunter [Arcade & Action / Brain & Puzzle]

TvoiNet recently released a really cool puzzler called Nia: Jewel Hunter. You play a girl named Nia, who happens to be your average office worker. Unfortunately an earthquake forces her into unknown worlds. Your job is to get her home, but you will have to find all the gold and gems at each level. Right now there are 9 levels from the desert and 9 levels from the underworld plus 2 bonus levels.

Much like any other puzzle game, Nia is quite easy early on, but will progress pretty quickly. In the first chapter, which takes place in the desert, you will find yourself running around a the outside of a 3D temple with many floors. The floors consist of gold and gems that you will need to pick up. You can jump or fall through openings to get to each level, but it’s not as simple as that. You can literally run around all 4 sides of the building, but the problem is you will be blocked at certain sections by a stone partition wall. There will be certain areas of the building that have a button to push that will help you out. For example, you might be able to move these stone partitions or open sliding hatches that give you access to areas that you need to get to. As far as exiting and finishing each level, the exit door won’t open until you pick up one of the gems. You still want the second jem since you need to collect all gems in order to see the two bonus levels. It’s hard to explain so I put together a hands on video below.

Throughout your journey you will find newer obstacles and traps which include elevators, travelators, doors with combination locks, and deadbolts. Some of these can actually help or hurt you depending on how you use them.

The gameplay is pretty simple. To the bottom left of the display, you will find right and left controls. Nia automatically turns corners so you won’t have to worry about that. To the bottom right you will find the jump button, which you can also use to push buttons. Nia is very easy to pick up and figure out what you need to do, it’s figuring out how to do it that’s the problem.

Nia is free, but you will most likely need to make an in-app purchase in order to continue. The gold that you collect will be used to buy into the next level. This means that you want to make sure you collect all the gold before exiting the area. The issue is that even if you do that, you will eventually have a shortage of gold to buy in to the next level. You will be forced to either replay previous levels to grab more gold or purchase gold with an in-app purchase. Playing levels again doesn’t make any sense so I recommend making that in-app purchase. It probably won’t cost you more than a few bucks, which is what it would cost for a paid version anyway. The bottomline is the game is free for you to try and if you like it, you can spend some money, which is the method I like best.

I think you will find Nia: Jewel Hunter to be very challenging and different from normal puzzle games. Check out my hands on video and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Beautiful 3d levels
  • Cute Nia Character
  • Gorgeous Environments
  • Collect jewels and coins
  • Two control schemes, touch and button
  • Play over 18 large levels
  • 2 Bonus levels
  • Unlock clever puzzles and secrets
  • Free to play!




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  • elissam

    How do I get the darn keys? I have all the jewels but I can’t get any of the keys to open up the chests in the next level.

  • Law

    How can I get the second jewel ? I’m French and I don’t understand the all game. Ok, there are traps etc… But, when I get one jewel, I don’t manage to have the second. How can I get it ? There is a game with color to ?! Please. Thx.

  • salia

    how do u get back across travelators?