Featured Play Store Review: Mental Math – Multiplication Table [Education]

This one is for your child who might be learning multiplication. It’s a very simple game that is very Tetris-like, but it’s strictly about multiplication. I always loved math when I was a child, but it was boring just doing the calculations in assignment form from school. With Mental Math you get a simple game that’s not too complicated to entice any child to further increase their skills.

Overall, there are 11 levels of play and 5 speeds within each level. The game consists of bars falling from the top. Each bar consists of a multiplication problem and all you need to do is enter the answer before it gets to the bottom.  Now you’re only given one chance to get the answer correct. If you do, the bar disappears and the next bar starts. If you get it wrong, it falls to the bottom creating a “construction.” This is what I meant by it being Tetris-like.

The playing field has enough room for about 4 columns of bars (depending on how big each problem is) and 12 rows of contruction. If one of the pieces makes it to the bottom, the next bar will begin one column to the left and so on. If the construction reaches the top, the game is over, but you can avenge yourself from your past mistakes. If you get 5 correct answers in a row, a bomb will drop taking out one bar. If you answer 10 correctly in a row, you get a super bomb which takes out one complete row of the construction.

For each level there are 50 problems or bars with a total of 10 problems for each of the 5 speeds. You get 5 points for each right answer for speed 1, 10 points for each right answer for speed 2, and so on. Starting at the 1st level, players are ranked from preschooler to mathemagician.

The game is very simple to play and anyone can pick it up, even if you don’t understand the Tetris-like aspect of it. It starts out at a reasonable pace and of course things get quick in a hurry. I can’t find anything negative about it other than when entering a 2 digit number, and you inadvertently hit the wrong number for the first digit, there is no back key. This means you will definitely lose that bar even though you really knew the correct answer. The developer, InterGraphic, LLC,  said they will fix that with the next release. Either way, this adds to the “game” element.

Mental Math – Multiplication Table costs $1.99, but there is a free version to try, which consists of the first 3 levels. If you have a child, or even if you want to better your multiplication skills, download the free version to see what it’s all about. After that you can upgrade to get the full impact. Also, if you’re wondering about addition and/or subtraction, InterGraphics has those versions of this same game available in the Play Store as well. Just hit any of the download links to get started.


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