Featured Play Store Review: 3D Mini Golf Masters [Hands on Video]

The other night I started playing 3D Mini Golf Masters and I couldn’t put it down. Created by DMW Media, 3D Mini Golf Masters is a miniature golf game where the courses are in the sky so the views are stunning and the 3D effects are really cool.

Each course features challenging obstacles, slopes, turns, ramps, and beautiful wooden bridges. Trust me, this isn’t your local putt putt, these courses get hard pretty quickly. Thankfully the controls are easy in that you only need to worry about the direction and speed of your shots.

As far as scoring, it’s not all about how many shots it takes till you drop it in the hole. Well in a sense it is, but your scoring is based on the “stars” formula that you will find in games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. After you score, you will be given one, two, or three stars. You will be allowed to move on to the next hole with as little as one star, but you won’t feel satisfied unless you get all three stars.

3D Mini Golf Masters is Free and you will get one course called Bay View with nine holes. If you get as addicted as I did, you can purchase 7 more courses for just .99 cents (63 holes in all). 3D Mini Golf Masters is the perfect game for the casual gamer as you can quickly play a hole or two while waiting for an appointment or whenever you have a few minutes to kill. Check out my hands on video and hit one of the download links below to get started. BTW it looks great on the Nexus 7 as well.



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  • wsopKID

    looks awesome! going to dl now.

  • DTSagent33

    Great game! Gotta grab the full version, i’m glad I did