Featured Android Game Review: Wars Online [Arcade & Action]

Tower defense and real-time RPG fans need to take a look at Wars Online. It was developed by Mobe Labb Corp, and it has equal parts of both of these elements. Much like other tower defense games, you must defend your kingdom by releasing various soldiers, but you can strategize things more effectively with a cannon that you control. The soldiers operate the same way as you would expect by shooting or utilizing whatever their weapon is constantly until they are killed. With the cannons, you can control the power as well as how far it will fire. You also get to fire it whenever you feel it’s important, which is crucial since you don’t have an unlimited supply.

The environment is also a bit different in that it’s 2D, with your opponent on the opposite side. In traditional tower defense games, you defend your area only, but with Wars Online, you not only want to defend your area, but you want to take out your opponent and move on to the next level. I never got into tower defense games because I don’t like to constantly be on the “defense”. With Wars Online, it takes traditional tower defense and adds in an offensive aspect, which makes it more appetizing. You still get to enjoy building your army with more soldiers and upgradeable weapons, but you get to feel more empowered by taking over other armies.

There’s still more as the other very important aspect of Wars Online is the “online” aspect. You can play 30 levels against the computer AI, but when you are ready to take things to the next level, you can jump online and play real opponents from anywhere in the world. If you’re calling is to take over the world, then you can do it with Wars Online.

Gameplay couldn’t be simpler. You start at level one and when you take out your opponent you move to level 2 and so on. You start with two types of foot soldiers and a cannon. Eventually you will gain more types of soldiers and different types of cannonballs. Just tap on the soldiers you want to release and when you want to fire the cannon, just pick the type of weapon, and slide you finger up or down for aiming and slide your finger back for power. As I mentioned earlier, the game is 2D and moves from left to right or right to left. You generally don’t see your opponents home area unless you swipe your finger on the screen. That part of it is a little awkward, but you will get used to it after a few battles. There is also a wind meter that you have to be cognisant of to make sure you aim your cannon properly.

I think Wars Online brings tower defense games to the next level and is more attractive to those that are not hardcore fans of the genre. I suspect the hardcores might feel strongly about the traditional aspect of tower defense games, but since it’s free, it’s worth a look to all. Check out my hands on demo video as well as their trailer below and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Battle online opponents from around the globe and build up your rep as the war master to beat!
  • Taunt your enemies with instantly translated messages
  • Use coins won from heads up battles and through Wars Online’s Campaign mode to bolster your army’s strengths.
  • Don’t want to grind your way to the top? Buy some extra coins instantly via in-app purchase and juice up your army even faster!
  • Brag about your wins to your friends via Facebook and Twitter right from the app.

Wage your own Medieval War Campaign:

  • Wars Online’s – Defend Your Kingdom single player mode features 30 unique battles. Every victory rewards you with a king’s ransom in gold which you can then use to upgrade your forces.
  • Earn gold for destroying enemy units!
  • Buy new soldiers, upgrade existing infantry, increase healers, and more – or save it for a rainy day!
  • Adjust battle strategies based on the environment your forces are fighting in.
  • This is your campaign so it’s all up to you, just make sure you think strategically. Brute force alone won’t guarantee your success.


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  • Honny

    This is a great game. Just downloaded it and I think I’ve become addicted already.