Featured Android Game Review: The Animal Game [Kids & Education]

I know a lot of you are always looking for good apps for your kids so you might want to check out The Animal Game from Wicker Giraffe. It’s a very simple game that teaches your child about animals, but more importantly, it teaches them how to spell and promotes cognitive and phonetic development.

Upon entering the game your child can choose either land or sea animals (over 40 in all). For each round they are given a silhouette of an animal, and even as an adult it’s not always so obvious as to what animal it is. They will also see how many letters make up the animal name along with twelve letters to choose from at the bottom. All the letters required to spell the animal name are included in those twelve letters. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s your child’s job to figure out what animal it is and spell it.

Now spelling is a big part of this game, but cognitive thinking and phonics plays a big role. This is because they know how many letters the animal name consists of plus they know that those letters will come from the twelve that are given to them at the bottom. They can use this information to help them figure out what the animal is. They also will attempt to spell the words by sounding them out phonetically. If they are still having trouble, they can always hit the hint key, which is more suitable for the younger ones. They can hit the hint key multiple times. The first time will reveal the background behind the animal and the second time will reveal the animal. Depending on how many letters the word has, they will be able to press the hint key an additional two or three times, which will reveal a random letter each time.

My son just turned four so he is a little too young for it, but he’s having a blast playing it already. He’s not too young to figure out the animals, and for the spelling part, we help him with each letter by sounding out other words that begin with that letter. I would say this game is perfect for children four to eight, with five to seven being the sweet spot.

The Animal Game comes in both Free and paid versions. The Free version comes with only eight animals so you can quickly see if your child likes it or not. If so, the paid version costs only 99-cents and has over 40 animals between land and sea. I am not an expert in education, but my wife is a former teacher and gave her seal of approval, which is good enough for me. Check out my hands on video below and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.



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