Featured Android Game Review: Pretty Pet Toy Store [Casual]

Animoca, the makers of the popular Pretty Pet Salon series has come out with a fun little Christmas game in the same vein called Pretty Pet Toy Store. The game is very similar in that it’s half puzzle have time management. The difference is that this time Cuby and friends need to make sure all the children are able to get their presents in time for Christmas. and that won’t necessarily be an easy task.

The main character, Cuby, is in charge of nine toy stores. At the start of the game you will be on your own, but as you make money you can level up and hire more of Cuby’s friends and upgrade the stores. As the children walk into the store, you have to drag each one to the appropriate station, provide the service, and get them checked out. Stations are toys in a sense. You will find xylophones, teddy bears, toy cars, and more. You will have to move quickly because you can’t leave any kids unattended for too long because they will get angry and walk out. That’s the time management aspect of it, but it’s also partly puzzle since you have to decide what services to conduct first and in what order to make sure everyone is satisfied. Adding to the challenge is that some children need more than one service or toy.

There are two types of currency: dollars and pet coins. You earn both by taking care of the customers, but you can earn some more by completing certain quests and you will also find daily rewards. Ultimately you may find you want more money faster and you can do that by making an in app purchase with your own real dollars from your wallet. Currency can be used to hire new employees, and each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. You can even hire Rudolph and Santa Claus. It’s great to have all the helpers in the world, but you can’t forget to upgrade the stores. The better the stores, the better the customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a casual and simple game to get you in the spirit of Christmas, check it out. Your kids will love it as well. It’s absolutely Free to try. Hit one of the download links to get started, and let me know what you think.


  • Hire and level up Cuby and the other Pretty Pets
  • Manage 9 unique toy shops with varying difficulties
  • Hire and level up staff for faster service
  • Purchase booths and various upgrades for your toy shop to increase productivity
  • Replaying stages to complete all missions and achievements will give you extra bonuses
  • Visits from very special surprise guests!

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