Featured Android Game Review: PBA Bowling Challenge [Sports]

I recently reviewed Concrete Software’s JellyFlop, which became a major hit. They just released another game that you might want to check out that’s called PBA Bowling Challenge. There are a number of bowling apps available in the Google Play Store, but this one just isn’t about knocking down the pins. With PBA Bowling Challenge, you can not only play a quick pickup game, but you can also play a full career.

In career mode, you start at the local alley with a scuffed up 12lb ball. After a little practice you can join leagues and tournaments, make some money, and hopefully becoming king of the pins. Along the way you will be able “buy” better bowling balls (30 in all) and play in a variety of alleys that feature different types of play as far as textures and oils. You might even get to play against some of the PBA’s (Pro Bowling Association) best, which include Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Pete Weber, and Tommy Jones. You will find 21 PBA bowlers in all and 70 tournaments, so it will keep you pretty busy for a while.

Like most bowling games, it’s quite simple to play. Just drag the ball along the edge of where you would like to roll it. Then swipe your finger up and tilt your phone or tablet to put a little spin on the ball to grab that strike. The graphics are top notch and you will quickly feel like you are really at the alley. They also added to the difficulty in that it’s not just about swiping your finger and tilting. You will need to pay attention to your stamina and you will want to pay attention to what ball you’re using depending on what alley you’re at.

There are some silly things thrown in like when you’re behind your opponent, you can grab the bomb ball that just about guarantees you a strike. There’s also the split ball for those 7-10 splits. It splits into two balls. There’s even the lightning ball, which gets larger as it rolls. You may or may not find those additions fun. I was a bowler for many years, and I just like to simply play without all the fluff. Either way, it’s there for your choosing, it’s up to you if you want to utilize them.

I found PBA Bowling Challenge to be very addicting. It was kind of exciting when I won my first tournament. The game was actually released today, but I have been playing a Beta version for a week or so. PBA Bowling Challenge is absolutely Free so give it a try. You can check out their trailer video and hit one of the download links below to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Quickplay and Career modes!
  • Dozens of PBA Tournaments!
  • Bowl against 21 of the best PBA bowlers!
  • Over 30 different bowling balls with unique stats!
  • Bonus challenges in every tournament!
  • Split Balls, Bomb Balls, and more!


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