Featured Android Game Review: MegaFlux [Brain & Puzzle]

Calling all puzzle game fans!! A new game from SoFresh games called MegaFlux recently hit Google Play, and I guarantee that it will challenge you for a long time. It’s based on classic pipe games, and your job is to power the processors with flux of the right color. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Wrong!! At the start of a level you will find one or more generators pumping out colored flux. You will need to rotate the nano pipes by tapping on them to make sure that each colored flux gets to their proper processors. One caveat is that you have to utilize all the pipes.

You’re graded on the star system (one to three stars), which is based on how long it takes you to solve the level. That doesn’t sound too bad, but things get really interesting with multiple generators pumping out multiple colors. You will also find components, which change the colors of the flux. At first, all generators and components are in fixed places, but eventually you will have to decide where they are placed, which makes the game very challenging.

With MegaFlux, you have three ways to play. You can play Relax, Challenge or Editor. With Relax, you simply play random levels within the grid size that you choose. It starts at 4×4 and goes to 8×10, 50 levels in all. You will simply unlock the higher grid sizes by solving one puzzle from the next lower grid size. The Relax mode is infinite because every level is random. For example, you could play 5×5 constantly and always get a different random puzzle. With Challenge Mode, you will be presented with various puzzles along the way based on levels. All you have to do is solve the puzzle and you will unlock the next level. With Editor mode, you can make you own puzzles. As you play through the Challenge mode, you will unlock various items (80 in all) that you can use in the editor mode, and this is just one more cool feature that MegaFlux offers. Even cooler is that you will be able to share your puzzles with the Community Mode that’s coming soon.

MegaFlux is also connected to Scoreloop so you can see how you rank among other players. You can also earn up to 66 badges to prove your prowess. MegaFlux is absolutely Free, so give it a try. I guarantee you that it will keep you perplexed for hours. Check out my hands on video below (as well as theirs) and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Relax Mode: an infinity of random levels with size and difficulty choices
  • Challenge Mode: 50+ devious levels to puzzle your brain
  • Editor: create your own levels with 80+ tiles to unlock
  • 66 medals to collect for hours of fun
  • Compare your scores with your friends and the whole world
  • Community Mode coming soon! Get ready to share your levels ;)


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