Featured Android Game Review: Kids Mosaic [Brain & Puzzle]


If you’re looking for something really cool for the child in the house, then give Kids Mosaic a try. From Top Float, it’s a brain and puzzle game, but it will also inspire creativity. Just in case you aren’t familiar with what a mosaic is, it’s a picture that is created by many small colored pieces such as the images above. Kids Mosaic features two modes: Game and Free Play. The Game mode is the more puzzle-like of the two. Your child can choose from up to thirty different stock images. They will be presented with the template but the colors will be of a slightly different shade. Your child will need to move the appropriate colored pieces to the appropriate spots to complete the image. As they get more proficient, they can turn off the template to make things a little harder.

Once they have mastered the Game mode, they can move on to Free Play which allows your child to do anything they want. They can make houses, people, cars, animals, the moon, stars, or whatever their imagination takes them. They can even save their works of art.

There are two big questions in any kids app and they are: Is is easy enough for them to understand and is it interesting to them? So why not test it out on my 4-year old son? I simply told him the app was on his Galaxy Note 10.1 to see if he would try it on his own and if he could figure it out. He ended up giving it a shot, and shortly after, I asked him to show me how it works. To my amazement, he figured it all out. He’s not ready for Free Play just yet, but he was well on his way to accomplishing many of the images in the game mode. The game was simple enough for him to understand on his own and he likes it, so that’s a winner in my eyes. Now the fact that it inspires creativity is just icing on the cake.

You will find both free and paid versions of Kids Mosaics. The free version has only one image template and four colors in Free Play. The paid version gives you all 30 stock image templates along with 10 colors, and it’s priced at $1.00. A small price to pay to inspire a little creativity in your child. The best part of it is that you really don’t need to be a kid to play. You can have all sorts of fun trying to come up with some cool images on your own or with your child. Check out their hands on video below and grab one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


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