Featured Android Game Review: Galactic [Arcade & Action]

Do you like Space games? How about puzzle games? Combine the two of them together and you get Galactic from Androidnova Mobile. Galactic is actually two completely different games, or modes as they call it. The skill mode is my favorite and is more puzzle like. The sandbox mode is more about exploring. They both feature some pretty cool space physics that require quick thinking and reflexes.

In skill mode you will find 60 levels to solve. Your job is to move your planet to a portal, but along the way you will need to fling to different orbits and pick up energy stars. You will have to time your releases so that you spend a minimal amount of time in space because you will have limited energy. Yes you can freely move around, but if you run out of energy, you will blow up. The energy stars will give you energy along the way in case you do find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and although you can complete each level by not grabbing all of the stars, you want to grab all of them for the highest possible score. Controls are pretty simple as it’s just a matter of tapping your finger when you want to fling or placing your finger on the screen for the direction you want to move.

Sandbox mode is completely different in that you start out as a meteor and your goal is to pick up other meteors in order to transform yourself into bigger masses. So you start out as a meteor, then become a planet, then a star, and eventually a blackhole. You will explore in what seems like an infinite amount of space and complete various missions. You can even produce fleets. You move around by tapping the screen in the direction you want to go, but I found it difficult to move fast enough to avoid attacks. You can also pick up masses by tapping either two fingers or three fingers.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the skill mode a lot more. It was easier to understand and I found it to be very challenging. I was playing it the other night and sighing a lot as I failed. My wife was asking what was wrong. Oh nothing, just another game that has me frustrated. Of course I mean that in a good way. Although I didn’t care for the Sandbox mode that much, the bottomline is that everyone is different and the fact that you get two games for the price of one is a major plus. The cost is only 99-cents so give it a try. You can check out my hands on video below (as well as the trailer) and hit one of the download links to get started. Let me know what you think.


  • Two different modes as Skill and Sandbox
  • 8 different languages: English, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Russian
  • Each modes is optimized for both tablets and phones
  • Unique physics-based gameplay


  • 50 Different Levels
  • Unlock 10 Bonus Levels
  • Various Level Mechanics
  • Travel Through Space Layers
  • Gain Rank By Collecting All Stars


  • Explore The Space
  • Experience Different Space Objects
  • Transform Yourself In To Bigger Ones (meteor > planet > star > blackhole)
  • Produce Fleets
  • Be A Nightmare(blackhole) For Others
  • Accomplish Different Missions (25+ Quests)
  • Unlock 20+ Achievements


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