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5th Planet Games recently released Dawn of the Dragons on Android, which is the hit RPG from Kongregate, Facebook, and Armor Games. The game was originally released in 2010, and is one of the most popular social RPG of all time when you consider 3 million people have played the game in over 100 million sessions. The mobile version launched on iOS earlier in the year and it finally made its way to the Play Store.

Dawn of the Dragons is set in the ancient Kingdom of West Kruna. There are a lot of honest and hardworking people there, but unfortunately it has been invaded by bestial dragons looking to steal their land. This is where you come in. You will need to complete a series of quests, raids, and other challenges to fight off the dragons, monsters, werewolves and giants. You will be able to band together with others, but you can also compete in player-versus-player battles. This social aspect is what makes Dawn of the Dragons very appealing.

Now if you are into RPG games, you will be used to the many aspects of the game. Personally, I am not, so it can be a little overwhelming. Things start out simple enough by creating your character. You can name him or her anything you want, then you choose the hairstyle, expression, and type of fighter. Just like any RPG game, you will need to keep track of your stats such as health, energy, stamina, honor, and experience. There is two types of currency, gold and planet coins. Gold can be used to buy new equipment and heal yourself. Planet coins can be used to recharge your stats or to buy powerful treasures. Planet coins seem to be the most valuable and depending on how fast you want to move through the story, you might need to purchase some with real money.

The quests is where you will find the textual story and where you will fight your battles. Unfortunately fighting is just a matter of pressing the attack button over and over until you win. With each press of the button, you will lose some of your stats, but as you level up, you will gain some of them back. You will also gain stat points that you can use to increase your attack, defense, health, energy, stamina, and perception. The quests will start in the fields and when you defeat all the enemies you will move to the next location. The last enemy in each location will be the boss battle, which is more difficult because you tend to lose more of your stats with each press of the attack button. This is where you will need to utilize various equipment.

The bazaar is where you will go to buy stuff needed to defeat the enemies. You can buy such things as equipment, armor, generals, and rare expeditions from gold or planet coins. You can also purchase gold or planet coins with your own money. You can also purchase packs, which contain the most rare and powerful items of the land. Whenever you buy an item pack, you are given a rare item at random. You will never be given the same item twice, and once you obtain all the items in the pack, you can choose to buy them.

You will also find what’s called raid bosses that are more powerful, and you will need a group of players to defeat them. You can join raids that others have summoned or summon your own. To summon a raid, you must possess its essence. You get this essence by defeating the quest version of the particular boss.

As you complete quests and raids, you will earn various items which include ingredients that can be used to create powerful weapons or obtain allies. The craft page will show the ingredients needed for various recipes along with what you already have.

The last part of the game is legions. You will obtain many legions during your adventures and you can also purchase them. Each legion is defined by a commander, the commander’s equipment, number of generals, number of troops, types of troops, and power bonus. You will need to select the right generals and troops or the best legion to make use of the generals and troops you possess.

All in all, Dawn of the Dragons should make any RPG fan happy, especially those that have already played it. The graphics are good and the music is mesmerizing. Gameplay itself is simple, but if you aren’t used to playing RPGs such as these, it will be a little daunting trying to figure out all the details. Thankfully, you will find a lot of tutorials within the game to guide you.

One other thing I need to mention is since it is an online game, you will need to have a network connection in order to play. Every time you start the game, it will attempt to connect to the servers. If you are using a WiFi-only tablet that isn’t connected or if your phone is in airplane mode, you will be out of luck.

The game is free, but it could cost you some money to buy coins. RPG experts can probably make it through with minimal damage, but inexperience players like myself will have a hard time doing that. Check out the download links below and let me know what you think.


  • Rich story, one that’s been growing for over three years
  • Exciting PvP action
  • Free to Play
  • Hundreds of quests to go on
  • Tons of loot drops
  • User-created guilds
  • Epic item crafting
  • Hundreds of unique boss monsters to fight


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