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Whether you’re a creative genius or someone trying to be more creative, you might want to check out Sharpee  – Powered by Behance. If you’re not familiar with the Behance Network, it’s a an online site that allows creative professionals to share their portfolios. At the same time anyone can view these portfolios and utilize them for inspiration.

Anyone can create an account and set up a profile on Behance. Then it’s time to upload projects. For now it can only be done on the desktop, but that feature is coming soon to the Sharpee app. Projects can consist of just about any type of creative field imaginable including advertising, architecture, animation, drawings, graffiti, graphic design, illustrations, photography, visual effects, web design, and 57 others. Portfolios can be complete collections or simply a work in progress.

The cool thing about Sharpee is that you don’t need to be an artist to enjoy the app. Thanks to apps like Instagram, we have become a very visual world and Behance has not only incredible images to enjoy, but professional as well. Behance isn’t about taking a picture of a salt shaker at the diner, adding a filter to it, and calling it art. Behance is about people who know what they are doing. Aspiring artists will love Sharpee because you can get a lot of inspiration and ideas by looking through all the incredible works.

The app itself is as easy as it gets. Upon opening the app, you will get a quick glance at all the featured portfolios, which include the titles, author name, creative field, how many people appreciated it, and how many people have commented on it or viewed it. Tap on the portfolio, and you will be taken to the artist’s description as well as all the images associated with it. You will find an option to view comments at the bottom of the page. By tapping on any of the images, you will be taken to a gallery-like experience where you can swipe through the collection of images. From here you can tap the icon at the bottom left that will give you options to download the image, set it as a wallpaper, share it via email or various social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. If you’re searching for something in particular, you can tap the search icon to further refine things by keyword, creative field, collections, work in progress, or artists. If there is one negative it’s the wallpaper aspect in that you can’t download high resolution images, so if you have a high-end phone or tablet, you can forget it.

If you’re looking for something new to inspire your own works of art or just simply enjoy looking, you should definitely download Sharpee today. It’s absolutely Free so give it a shot. For now it’s only for phones, but a tablet version is coming soon. Hit one of the download links below to get started, and as always, let me know what you think.


  • search & explore projects, collections, works in progress and artists from Behance network
  • filter your search over creative field, time or country
  • download images to your device
  • set artworks as wallpaper
  • share artworks with your friends

New features coming soon: login, works upload, creating collections, appreciations etc. to make application full functional.

For more information: Sharpee and Behance Network

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