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Transferring files or links from your computer to your phone or tablet can be cumbersome. I just came across a new app that simplifies things and does a lot more. It’s called PushBullet, and it allows you to transfer files, url links, notes, lists, addresses, and reminders to your phone or tablet. Want to send something to your spouse or friend’s device? No problem. You can even receive stuff from others as well.

It’s quite simple to set up. All you need is the app on your phone and the Chrome extension on your desktop browser. Then you sign up using your Gmail account on both your phone and desktop. You will see a PushBullet icon at the top right corner of your desktop Chrome browser. Just click it to push a url link, a file, list, or quick note to the device of choice. For file transfers, you will need to use the website. PushBullet allows you to store multiple devices like your phone, tablet, and any of your friend’s devices. Just choose the device that you need to push to and you’re all set. The receiving device will get a notification of whatever is pushed, so you (or they) can quickly open it. The notification will stay until you swipe it away, and you will always have access to all your past notifications from within the app if you ever need to see anything again.

If you’re pushing a file, it will automatically download it to your device so if later, you’re in an area without a data connection, you can still open the file. Files can be anything like a PDF, a picture, or a short video. The only limitation is it has to be less than 10MB. The list feature is really cool in that you can use it for any todos like groceries. Once the list is pushed to your phone, you get check boxes for each item so you can check them when completed. If an address is pushed, your phone or tablet will open it in Maps so you can get more information or get directions. You can even push a quick note that can be used as a reminder.

Up until I found PushBullet, I would use DropBox for all my file transfers and I would also use Chrome Sync to grab URL’s from my desktop. I haven’t abandoned these methods, but I now use them a lot less since PushBullet offers everything in one place, is quicker, and is less tedious. For example, if I want to send a PDF to my phone using Dropbox, I have to copy the file to my Dropbox folder, then I have to open the Dropbox app on my phone and download it. With PushBullet, it’s one click to push any file and it automatically downloads it to my phone or tablet. PushBullet offers so much more with the ability to send lists, addresses and other notes. Now sometimes I don’t need the file to be physically on my device and/or I might have something larger than 10MB to transfer. If that’s the case, I would still use Dropbox, but as I said, that’s happening a lot less.

There’s even more good news because today PushBullet is now compatible with the DashClock lockscreen widget for Android 4.2 and above. PushBullet is simple to use and efficient, two qualities I love in an app. Oh there’s one other thing I like, Free! PushBullet is absolutely Free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Check out my hands on video below and hit one of the download links to get started. Let me know how it works out for you.

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