Featured Android App Review: Paintrala – SNS for Painting [Entertainment]

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a complete novice, you will want to check out Paintrala. This app was developed by AltamiraSoft and won 3rd place in Samsung’s Electronic Global App Challenge and 2nd place in Samsung’s Best S Pen apps. Now you don’t need a Galaxy Note device, but you will need a Samsung phone or tablet  for now. No word on whether this will open up to more devices, but Samsung is the king of Android right now, so a lot of you will be able to use it.

Paintrala has two really cool aspects to it that make this the perfect drawing/sketching app. The first is that it allows you to upload any image and trace over it. Unless you are a talented artist, drawing/sketching can be pretty tough. This tracing aspect makes it easy for anyone, and I mean anyone to make a pretty good looking sketch. You can trace/sketch a person, your pet, a sunset, a car, or just about anything. Of course, if you already have the talent, you can still do it all on your own. The second aspect is the sharing capabilities. Now I don’t mean uploading you images to Facebook. You can do that too, but Paintrala has its own social network for sharing your works of art. Think of it as an “Instagram” for artists. You can follow other artists and you can quickly see what’s hot right now. Paintrala even hosts contests, which gives everyone more incentive to share. The current contest running right now is portraits, and the one before that was on doodles.

The apps itself is fairly easy to use. Upon installing the app, you will need to create an account with whatever username you want. This way people can follow you and you can follow others. The main screen has five choices at the bottom and they are from left to right: People as in your feed of people you follow, the current gallery consisting of Hot Now and Today’s Choice, Open a new Paintrala, Contest winners, and your Profile.

When you open a new Paintrala, you have your choice of grabbing an image from your device gallery or going right to the painting tool. If you go to the painting tool, you will have the option of editing an existing sketch or starting a new one by tapping the pen at the top right. If you start a new project, you can still upload a photo by tapping the “+” sign at the bottom left. As far as tools go, you have the pen tool at the top left, which looks exactly the same as the Galaxy Note version. You can change the color and thickness to whatever you want and you can select from a pen, brush, pencil, marker, and so on. Next to that is the eraser, which also lets you select the thickness. Next to that is the eyedropper for grabbing a more precise color from a photo. Finally, you have options for undoing or redoing your last action.

If you uploaded an image, you can simply draw over it using either your finger or S Pen. You can in a sense add a drawing to your picture or make a sketch of the picture itself. If you’re opting for the latter, you will need to remove the picture after your done. You can do that by tapping the eye icon at the bottom left. Doing so will leave just your sketch, but you can tap the eye icon again to bring back the original picture for further editing. You can also zoom in and zoom out while drawing to get more detail.

You can also opt for an automatic themed sketch by tapping on one of the flower icons at the bottom. These themes include Origin, Pen Sketch, Color Pen Sketch, Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil Sketch, Cartoon, Grey, Vignette, Oil Paint, and Pastel Sketch. You can still trace or add to the new image if you so wish.

Paintrala is really a lot of fun and addicting. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a novice. It’s completely free so give it a shot. Check out the demo video below that shows you how to draw Gangnam style, and hit one of the download links to get started. As always let me know what you think.


Feed: You can gather and enjoy the paintings of the friends you are following. Try to press ‘Like’ button on your friends’ painting, write comments and keep them as your collection .

Gallery: You can appreciate popular paintings.

  • Hot now : Meet the paintings which are popular in Paintrala now.
  • Today’s choice : Recent works are shown according to popularity.

Paint: Enables you to paint easily and upload a painting.

  • Paintrala’s painting tool helps everybody paint easily changing photos into sketches. You can upload the paintings painted with other paintings applications.

Contest: This is painting contest competing with the people in the world painting with particular subject. Shine the contest with your nice skill.

Posting: painting and tagging on Facebook




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